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Sophie Guidolin
Sophie Guidolin

Resistance bands are a good “add- on” to a workout program with weights or as part of a rehabilitation. Personally, I am not a fan of workouts based completely on resistance bands. I include them in my workouts, mainly like an assistance exercises, as part of my warm up and as a tool to “wake up” the sleepy muscles, which we totally neglect in our daily movement patterns.

Resistance bands have different sizes and resistances, which makes them a great tool, which could be used according to the abilities of the trainees. Thus, the size of the effort, depends on the size and thickness of the resistance band.

Today, I will share with you my point of view about the role of the abs and how exercises with resistance bands, could help you “teach” your core how to function properly.

Besides that I think that nowadays, people put a huge accent on providing a bigger range of motion in a particular joint, without paying enough attention to providing enough stability and dynamic control. After all, in our daily life, we rarely perform static movements. More often, what we do is mostly dynamic movements and that’s what we should be able to control.

Just think about people who have hypermobile joints. You will often see people who stand with hyperextension in their knees(read more HERE), lower back or people who have hypermobile shoulder joints. The structure around the joint should provide dynamic stability. Actually I had such a problem with my shoulders. When I used to be a basketball player, I’ve dislocated my shoulders more than 6 times. Everybody used to say: “But you seem so strong! How is that possible?

Well, it is possible! Strength by itself has nothing to do with dynamic control- it is a quality which should be trained.

Here comes the role of your abs. In this post(HERE) I explained what is the role of your abs and what are the frequently made mistakes when you chose your core exercises. Remember, that your abs don’t have just the superficial purpose of making you look sexier on the beach. This is just an accompanying function! Just the bonus side! Your abs should not only provide stability, but also dynamic control.

Your abs should be able to control the movement in your lumbar spine, which has a limited range of motion. For this purpose, your abs should be trained in a way that could be transferred to daily activities. Your abs should react to different movements, different velocities and different plane of movement.

Your abs are something like the “breaks”, which protect your spine from too much mobility, which could cause unwanted pain and injuries.

Resistance bands, have a pretty good application, when it comes to training your abs’muscles and “teaching” them to provide dynamic control.

In the video below, you will see some exercises, which will give you a lot of benefit.

And two pictures- one of me during my workout and one of me and two of my machines- Krustyo and Dolia 🙂


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