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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

I love the beauty and the harmony of silence- the one of the reflection of the presence. I love being surrounded by people, who impregnate the air, the silence with meaning; with the kind of peace, which silently and gently wraps you and gives you a sign that you have the freedom to be yourself. People, who are “robbed” out of the pretention for lordliness; people who realize the mutual role that we have in life. People who do not pretend to be more- the kind of people, who do not belittle other people’s existence. People, who can see the hardly audible, sprinkling potential, even in people, who consider themselves “nothing” and “not worth it”.

I love being surrounded by people, whose presence for my soul, is what the hands of a skillful musician are for an instrument. People, whose words, actions and just with their essence, touch the strings of your soul and “play” the most beautiful melody, that is hidden inside of you.

Often times, we reproach others for their behavior, for their words, but we rarely realize that we are the musicians, who touch the strings of their souls. The melody that is being played, is up to our own approach and skills- weather it will be a gentle and beautiful melody or a terrible one.

I sincerely believe, that we are responsible for people who we attract in our lives- we attract them, according to who we are or who we deny to be. Every time, when somebody comes into my life, I take time to observe him and I try to realize which part of me is being reflected in him. I know that he or she is actually me and that I attracted him, because I need to learn something or because I have the opportunity to teach him something.

I think that in life, we meet people, who contain us and people who we contain. The first are our teachers, and the second are our students.

People who contain us are more conscious than we are. People who are more complete. They’ve gathered more pieces from the puzzle of their wholeness and they are knocking on the door of our life, so they can give us a helping hand. They are trying to take us on the next step, where we will get the opportunity to understand life, a little bit more profoundly. They are trying to take us to a place, where we will get to live through every moment, by realizing its true meaning, instead of just passively existing through it, leaning on the illusion, that projects a sequence of “movies”, which are just twisting reality.

We meet people, who we contain. The kind of people who are walking on the path of their personal growth- the one we previously walked on. We shouldn’t treat them neglectfully. They are part of our own life, because yesterday, last month or last year, we were them- we were in the same place.

Just when you get to walk on a particular path, you have the real knowledge what somebody else, who is walking behind you, would need- what will be his fears, hesitations or hopes. Just then, you could know, when he needs your helping hand, which will accelerate his progress or when he needs a kick in the ass, that will shatter his whole world and force him to see- more carefully.

When I meet a person, who I contain, I follow a simple “rule”- I treat him, the way I would have wanted somebody to treat me, when I used to be on that level of my personal growth. I look back, and I remember how I felt back then, what I could understand or what I couldn’t understand. Because from my present point of view, somebody, who hasn’t reached my level of consciousness, might seem astray… but in reality he isn’t! Just like I wasn’t! This is just his path. These are the experiences, the emotions, the thoughts and the feelings he needs, in order to paint the illusion, that will eventually crack… just so it can open our conscious for reality- just the way it is.

People who contain me… I love meeting them. They are something like a joker in my life- like a hint for what I have the potential to become. They are my teachers and I am carefully observing them. But this doesn’t mean that I am copying them.

A beautiful person who is part of my life- Mitko Momchev, says that: “Everyone of us has his own book of his life and we are all writing that book alone. By living, we just get to copy some paragraphs from the books of others, but at the end everything in the story is our own property.”

Well, that’s what I do… I copy and I adapt to my own essence.

I love being surrounded by people, who I contain and people who contain me. My teachers show me how great I could become and every day they keep the fire burning, they sustain my desire to go after my own greatness and to never allow myself to take life for granted. My students… they make me feel the satisfaction from preparing somebody for the journey, which is waiting for him, and then letting him go alone… and just stay there, observing how great he is doing and how one day, he will be better than you are. After all, they say, that there isn’t a greater feeling and a greater success for a teacher, than seeing his student bypassed him.

In both cases, people who contain me and those who I contain, are those who remind me what is the meaning of my life, those who help me gather the pieces of my own completeness and those who help me feel accomplished!


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Ines Subashka

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