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Gabriela Subashka
Gabriela Subashka

How was your week? Mine was great! I just finished my Master’s degree in Finances and my exams are over. Now I am free to be completely dedicated to the website, you and training with my awesome clients.

I am trying to keep up with the messages you’ve sent me during the past month! Thank you for existing and for all the wonderful things you share with me.

Find time for my favorite reads of the week and enjoy your weekend through healthy cooking and physical activity! 🙂

First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week:

My New Favorite Exercise for a Sexy Butt and a Strong Posterior Chain

The Mistake I Made! Are You Making It Too?

Katerina Rangelova: Healthy Eating Through The Eyes of a Culinary Expert!

And now my favorite reads for the week:

5 Minutes of What The Media Actually Does to Women

Philosophy and Logic

CrossFit Doesn’t Hurt you, YOU Hurt YOU!

Researchers are showing everyday athletes how to train their brains to perform like the pros

8 Common Squatting Mistakes and How to Correct Them For Stronger Squats

Learning to Recognize the Signs of a Depressed Athlete

Photo guide to making the best goddamn steak you’ve ever had in your life

Integrity in Competition: A Manifesto for Athletes, Coaches, and Judges

Push-up Mastery: How To Age Awesomely

How To Release Your Psoas

The Trap of Comparison

Why I teach the hook grip from Day 1

Drills to reinforce the timing/feeling of meeting the barbell in the snatch/clean

My Plan of Attack for the Overhead Press – Ben Bruno

Trainers: Never Assume – Sean Hyson

5 Not-So-Obvious Things Fit People Should Know – Sean Hyson

21 Exercises for Injury Free Mass – Bret Contreras

April Strength & Conditioning Research Questions – Bret Contreras

Why is Christophe LeMaitre so Damn Fast? – Bret Contreras

An Interview With Martin Rooney – Bret Contreras

Are Rings or The Jungle Gym XT Replaceable – Jason Ferruggia

Best Exercise: Zercher Squat Front Raise – Dean Somerset

How to Beat 3 Common Fitness Failures – Adam Bornstein

Can Eggs Make You Stronger – Adam Bornstein

Combat Strength 101 – Joel Jamieson

What’s YOUR Achilles Heel? – Mike Robertson

Ep. 39 – In the Trenches with Joel Jamieson – Mike Robertson

Kevin Neeld Spills the Beans on Hip Impingement – Maria Mountain

Recovery: Athlete vs. Average Joe – Patrick Ward

Intermittent Fasting: Part 1 and Part 2 – Kiefer John

Approaching The Bar Part 1 and Part 2 – Greg Robins

You Are Setting Yourself Up to Fail – Greg Robins

Managing Training for Strength – HRV Training

Training Myths – :Lee Boyce

Pressing Considerations: Older Lifter: Part 1 2 3 – Smitty

Which Side Are You On? – Martin Rooney

Build a Better Body – Martin Rooney

Q & A: Fixing the “Tuck Under” When Squatting Part 2 – Tony Gentilcore

Push-Upalooza – Tony Gentilcore

New Research on Ankle Taping – Dan Lorenz

6 Specialty Bars for Strength and Size – Jim Wendler

The Simple Diet – Tim Henriques

A Great Top 10 List – Dan John

Minimalism Part 6: Support Gear – Jason Ferruggia

Chin-Up Progressions for Women – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 – Tony Gentilcore

How To Run Faster – Jim Kielbaso

Conditioning 101 – Jim Wendler

Powerful Reasons to Use a Workout Log – Tim Henriques

5 Strategies to Train Around Upper Body Pain – Mike Robertson

The Contreras Files: Volume III – Bret Contreras

Freakish Strength With Proper Core Training – Jesse Irizarry

Hip Anteversion – Assessment and Implications for S&C Programs – Eric Cressey

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better – Eric Cressey

Who Does MR Train? – Mike Robertson

Ten Things You MUST Know About Inflammation – Charles Poliquin

How to Squat Low – Charles Poliquin

Rediscover the Jerk – Charles Poliquin

Tip 296: Sleep Enough: Get More Sleep – Charles Poliquin

Barefoot Versus Running Shoes: Which is “Suprisingly” More Efficient? – Alex Hutchinson

Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat – Mark Hyman

Tick Tock: The Fat Loss Clock – Jen Comas Keck

That’s What They Said – Charles Staley – Nick Efthimiou

Coaching Nutrition and Exercise For the Win: Keep it Simple, Stupid – SAPT

Why the Rock? – Mike Boyle

Does The Gym Make You Fail? – Adam Bornstein

Becoming a Personal Trainer – What I Wish I Knew – Jeremey Duvall

Nutrition Triggers & Trips – Nia Shanks

A “New” Way of Assisting Pullups – SAPT

Olympic Weightlifting vs. Kettlebells on Lower Body Strength and Power – Bret Contreras

How Vitamin D Inhibits Inflammation – Science Daily

Do You Have a Sloppy Snatch? – Neghar Fonooni

The 5 Step Formula For Success – Anthony Mychal

Solutions for the Skinny Fat Ectomorph – Anthony Mychal: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


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  1. Jack

    great list! Glad , you put in some older articles that I haven’t read in a while. Loved rereading them!

    1. Ines Subashka

      Thank you! Thanks for always following my posts and sharing your opinion! 🙂

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