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Do you know what is the best part about overcoming your own ego and learning how to walk in line with the changes, which are an inevitable part of progress?

The fact that the more you leave your ego to the side, the more your personality broadens and the better version of yourself you get to become.

One of the best parts about adding time and experience in a particular area is the ability to turn back and see where you started from, what your convictions and knowledge used to be and how they changed through the years.

Time and experience have the incredible ability to reshape our convictions and knowledge, by giving us the opportunity to keep what is valuable and what leads to results, while allowing us to give up what is harmful and what is interfering with our progress.

In order for this to happen, you should be free from the slavery of your ego, and acknowledge in front of your own self, that you made mistakes, which you realized and fixed.

Today’s post will be something from the sort. I will share with you, some of the mistakes I used to do, when I performed some exercise and I will give you an advice how to improve your technique.


Initially, I made the mistake to perform push-ups with my feet widely spread. Actually ,I think I used to do it, because I found it easier. I used to think that it doesn’t matter if your feet are widely spread or closer. It always felt hard.:D

Actually, one of the most important things about the proper execution of an exercise, is the initial set up of the body. The body’s position, dictates if you will be able to transfer force to your upper and your lower body, so you can manage to perform the exercise with proper technique.

Spreading your feet, during a push-up, makes it hard to activate your glutes and it makes it hard to stabilize your trunk.

As I explained you in this post, one of the main things you should be able to do is set your body in neutral position. In order to use the full potential of your strength, you should keep your body in neutral position, because this is when your torso is tight and this is when your trunk- the one which transfers the force to your lower and upper body, is able to do its job.

If your torso is not kept tight, you will perform the movement incorrectly and you won’t be able to activate your muscles, in a way which allows you to use your full strength, Then, you will compensate by overextension in your spine, you will press predominantly on one side and so forth- mistakes in your technique, which lead to injuries.

When you perform push-ups with your feet spread, you fail to activate your glutes, which leads to the domino effect- if your glutes aren’t activated, you can’t position your spine properly- i.e. you can’t keep your body in neutral posture and thus you risk to load your spine and lower back and cause unwanted pain.

1.1.  Kneeling push-ups

I used to think that kneeling push-ups are a good progression. Now I use them, just as a progression between a burpee without a push-up and a burpee with a push-up. When I teach the push-up to a beginner, I always use bands for assistance. Why?

Kneeling push-ups, fail to activate your lower body and you fail to engage your glutes and abs and you fail to position your body in neutral posture. In my opinion, this leads to learning the wrong mechanics of the movement.

When you perform push-ups with the bands, then you teach your body how to position itself in neutral posture; how to activate the glutes and stabilize the trunk and you learn the proper mechanics, which you could easily transfer to a real push-up.

Actually, my opinion is that what fails the technique of most people, is their inability to activate the glutes and stabilize the trunk. Then, this fails them to transfer the force to their lower and upper body. You know that the body always strives for the path to least resistance and that when you set up your body in a bad position, it tries to compensate and you start twisting in all kind of directions, in a desperate try to perform the movement. There is no need to say that this IS NOT the way to perform the movements!

2.Pull-ups and dips with your feet crossed or spread

I already explained about the mistake of spreading your feet and about the domino effect, which leads to inability to activate your glutes and stabilize your trunk.

Why crossing your feet is a mistake?

The reason is one again called- neutral posture. The neutral posture of your body is the one, that allows your muscles to carry the load and keeps your joints and ligaments save. When your body is not in neutral posture, then you cannot position it in a stable position and you force it to once again turn to the path of least resistance.

Crossing your feet behind, when you perform dips or pull-ups, leads to overextension in your spine. This leads to you flaring your chest up, overextending the spine, failing to activate your glutes and stabilizing your trunk. Another side effect of it is rolling your shoulders forward and spreading your elbows out, too wide. Just writing about it makes me hurt, and what about doing the exercises this way!

What are you supposed to do in order to correct this mistake?

Check out the videos and you will find out what are the basics for performing every movement properly and how you could easily learn to activate your glutes and stabilize your trunk.


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