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1.You will start liking your body and the negative thoughts, that used to overtake your mind will disappear. What are you gonna do with all this leisure time, that you will have left, when you do not need to check yourself in the mirror, every 30 minutes, being disgusted of your cellulite, love handles and out of shape body?


2.You will find it so much easier to find new clothes, because an athletic body, makes every piece of cloth stunning. You will stop wasting your time, running around the mall, trying on clothes and you will avoid the bad mood, which accompanies trying on new clothes and the dissatisfaction of your reflection in the mirror.


3.You will be able to do your favorite housework activities. Lifting a box from the ground, won’t curse you to hurt your lower back and you won’t be dying in pain for the next month or so.


4.You will start approaching food, not as your enemy, but as your friend. Are you crazy? Now your relatives will have to cook double portions, so you can be fed!


5.You will be able to sit around the table and you won’t just stare the steaks. Now you will be able to eat them, because when you train, your body will know how to use the food and it will actually need it. You won’t be forced to get satiety, with eating just the garnish. You will be able to eat from the main dish, without feeling any guilt!


6.Your health status will dramatically improve and with every workout and with every healthy meal, you will get further from osteoporosis and diseases. Feel guilty- you will rob the health care system, when you stop investing in it by buying tons of pills and visiting the doctor every week.


7.With every healthy meal and with every workout, your muscles and your healthy body, will eat cellulite and they will make your skin smoother. You will be proud by the way your legs look! Shame on you! Who is gonna watch the anti- cellulite cream’s commercials and then give money for them?


8. You will start buying less woman’s magazines; you will start reading less articles from the type :10 ways to get rid of cellulite”; “the easiest way to lose weight for 7 days” and so forth, and you will actually have time to read a good book or a really helpful article.


9.You will stop wasting your time, to watch TV shows, where popular “stars” share their “secrets” for a stunning appearance. You will use your time to read a good book, which will enrich your knowledge about your own body and its functions. Blush! Who is gonna improve the TV show’s rating, when you are not there to watch?


10.You won’t need to entertain yourself with just going to the mall, the restaurant or the cinema. Now you will be able to try different sport activities, meet different people and gather amazing experiences, because you will be fit enough to climb the stairs without running out of breath and without having your legs shaking.


11.You will start loving cooking. Preparing your own food, will become a pleasure, because you love yourself and you know how important it is to take more care for your body and the quality of the fuel you give it. Cooking and eating will turn from a mere consumerism, to an art and pleasure. Shame on you! Who is gonna try the new burger menu in the fast food restaurants? You have no mercy for people’s hard work!


12.You will challenge the status quo for women and the horror of lifting weights. You will cause mind anguish. How is it possible to lift weights, eat meat and fat and look so fabulous?


13.You will save so much time, because you won’t need half of your day for cardio marathons. Oh, yes! You won’t need to synchronize your workouts with the TV program!


14.Well, it is true that you will miss some acquaintances with people, because you will be able to carry your own bags and you won’t need the mercy of somebody who is coming to help you.


15.You won’t be afraid to go out without high heel, because now, your legs will be well shaped and toned and they will look stunning, even if you don’t wear high platforms, that make them look better! I want you to blush! You are not gonna be in fashion! 😉


16. You won’t need to change your wardrobe every month. Now, you will know that it is not the clothes that make you look beautiful, and you will have the self- confidence that you make your clothes look goof! Be ready to set your own fashion standards- a nice, round butt, athletic, toned legs and wonderful, well-shaped arms!


17.You will stop striving to be less- to wear smaller clothes, to weigh less or eat less. You will feel inner strength, which will accompany you, when you have the confidence that you deserve to be more! Feel awkward! Nobody should realize that she possesses so much inner strength!


18.Nobody is gonna believe you that you are 40. You will look so young, that they will constantly ask you to take your personal ID card, in order to prove your age! Shame on you! You once again left the plastic surgeon without work!


Special thanks to one of my wonderful clients- Miroslava Pipileva, who helped me find the pictures for the post! Finding the right pictures, always takes me more time, than actually writing the post! 😀


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  1. Tosha

    This is a seriously awesome article! Love the points as well as the pics. I knew it would have a “spin” to it, but didn’t expect it to be so entertaining! Kudos!

    1. Ines Subashka

      Thank you very much! 🙂 Glad you liked it! 🙂

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