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Vanessa Tib
Vanessa Tib

A lot of people think that because bones are “hard”, they are not an active tissue in the body. This is not true. Bones are an active tissue, which is constantly transforming. Bones constantly renew themselves- they constantly get rebuild, in a response to different kind of stress. On the contrary, bones are being resorbed in the places in the body, where such a stress is not existent. From the fact that bones are an active tissue, follows the fact that they require a big amount of energy. Each tissue, which needs energy, is directly connected with the biochemistry of the hormone- leptin.

I’ve talked before about osteoporosis, the connection between leptin and osteoporosis , and I’ve previously tried to explain you why the common notion about osteoporosis does not look at the main cause of the disease and what is actually the adequate cure.

Today I will make a turn and I will drag your attention towards a complete different point of view- I will try to explain you why osteoporosis is widely spread, even among young people; why we suffer more and more from diseases, which harm our bones and their health.

Let me first sum up the common knowledge about osteoporosis.

The common knowledge

Every time you hear osteoporosis, the first thing that pops up in your mind is calcium deficiency. If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, doctors will immediately recommend you to supplement with calcium and vitamin D. Osteoporosis is one of these diseases, which are considered to be geriatric- i.e. they are common among older people. Diabetes, heart diseases and so forth, used to be a “natural” consequence of getting older and an inevitable accompanying factor.  The highest risk of osteoporosis, is about women in menopause- i.e. once again after a certain age.

Actually, in my opinion, each disease could be tracked back and its “roots” could be found in our lifestyle. This inevitably includes diet/ nutrition habits, the amount of physical activity, sleep, as the main components of our lifestyle.

As I mentioned, osteoporosis is considered to be a disease, typical for older women, who have low levels of estrogen.

Nowadays, though, you will notice that even young women suffer from osteoporosis. I’d even say that it is considered inevitable. The question is not “am I gonna suffer from osteoporosis”, but rather “how much time do I have before I get diagnosed with osteoporosis.”

Before I continue, I will ask you to think what is it that determines if our bones are healthy or not?

The health of our bones, depend on the signals that are being sent to our body, and the hormonal response that follows them.

When the body is exposed to some kind of external stress ( and I mean physical stress)- caused by our daily physical activity or working out, then the body receives signals that the bones should be strong enough in order to sustain the body. When such a stress is missing, the body receives signals that bones are not needed. As you know, number one priority for our body is survival. Everything that is in excess, in the matter of functions, will be altered, so it doesn’t waste precious energy. The same happens with our bones. When the body considers that it doesn’t need them- they will start resorbing.

I’ve mentioned before about the connection between leptin and osteoporosis. What is the connection between osteoporosis and posture?

Here, I will once again turn to Physics and I will show you how Physics’ laws, have direct influence on us and how neglecting them, leads to more diseases.

Every one of us knows about gravity. It acts upon everyone of us. Few people realize exactly how gravity works- it acts in a straight ( perpendicular) angle- i.e. when the object, the person it acts upon, stands in a different angle, the strength of the load is the same, but the weight and the reaction of the support are different. The reaction of the support, acts upon the person- it is less.

Probably you are aware that weight is just the property of the body to participate in the gravity effect.

Now, imagine our own body. If we are standing properly- vertically ( in neutral position), then we are in a position where gravity acts the same way, but the weight and the reaction of the support ( the floor) on the person is bigger. This means that our bones bear the whole reaction ( the whole load). This means, that the signals sent to our body, are to keep the bones healthy and strong, because there is some stress on them and this means they are needed for our survival.

What happens when we move the way most people do- leaning forward, using predominantly one side and etc.?

You might not realize it, but if you “undress” the human body to its fundamental construction- i.e. its skeleton and compare one in a vertical position ( neutral position) and one with a bad posture, you will notice how the one with the bad posture is in a different angle. In this case, the load that the bones bare will be less that the real load, because gravity acts upon the center of Earth, and it won’t act with the same strength over the whole body ( the same gravity, will lead to a weaker reaction of the support, i.e. the body will bear less load).

This will immediately be a signal for the body that the bones, as an active tissue, which wastes energy, could be resorbed, so the body can redirect its energy resources towards functions which are more important.

Probably this sounds strange, even ridiculous, but it is the mere truth. The way we stand, walk and so forth, has much bigger importance than we think.

Physics’ laws act upon each living organism and the fact we ignore them, leads to a lot of problems- both health problems and other problems we face on a daily basis.

That’s why I am gonna ask you to stand up, with your feet parallel to each other; squeeze your butt and keep your belly tight; keep your chest down; bring your lats down and your head back. You are all set! You are in neutral position and your body and bones will bear the whole load you carry around!


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