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Somewhere on the way of evolution, people have made the wrong turn. By doing so we have distant ourselves from our natural environment, that offers us the resources we need in order to survive- physically, emotionally and socially.

On the way, we are slowly but surely losing our instincts, which guarantee us well-being and we rush chasing causes and goals, which are just robbing us more from what we truly need.

We are mistakenly looking for a solution to our problems, by clenching in a fight with symptoms and ignoring the source itself. Thus, we end up in a stalemate- we take the turn hoping that we are on the right way, and just a moment later we are disappointed, having realized that all efforts have been in vain. Just a desperate try to mask the visible and feed the illusion that we have gotten rid of the invisible- what is causing the problems in the first place.

We have the same approach to health. We accept that something is causing harm to our health; we waste energy in this direction and we give our all to stay save from intruders, while in the same time we do not make any efforts to preserve the safety of our most sacred thing- our body.

Unfortunately, our lifestyle is working for this- every day we are unarming our own body and we are robbing it out of the capability to survive.

We are trying to improve our lifestyle, by directing our efforts towards the material world and ignoring our most valuable thing- our body and its health.

We make tremendous efforts in every aspect, and none when it comes to giving our body some quality food, enough rest and the required dose of physical activity.

The food we eat, really matters! A lot more than you suppose. Until you realize this truth, no matter what you do, your health will always be in a transitory state and it will slowly but surely go into a decay.

Food intolerances re the most common causes of physical indispositions, and when it becomes a chronic condition, food intolerances become the main reason for a bunch of diseases.

It’s kind of ironic. What we have the most impact on- the food we eat, is actually running us, because we have given up the will to impose control over our nutrition and we are completely ignoring the need to sustain a certain quality of the foods we eat.

Food intolerances could cause a wide specter of symptoms. Sometimes there might not have a severe symptom, which points out the presence of food intolerance.

If I have to list the foods that are the most common cause of food intolerances, I’d say this:





-vegetables like nightshades, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower

Nowadays, a lot of people complain from symptoms, which they eventually accept as something common and as a natural consequence of aging. Today, every other person complains from one or a couple of these symptoms: bloating, stomach pain,burping;gases; constipation; runny nose; nausea; water retention; depression; anxiety; insomnia; lack of motivation.

Diseases like arthritis; the leaky gut syndrome; joint pain are becoming a common state and affect a higher percentage of people

All of the symptoms I just mentioned, could be due to just one thing- food intolerance. Good news is that we have almost full control over the food we eat, and as long as we identify the cause, we can take care for the solution.

Probably you wonder how could a food intolerance, cause all of these symptoms?

The main causes of food intolerances are as follows:

-eating the same foods every day

-artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring

-eating too quickly

-malabsorption –  low levels of stomach acid, not enough pancreatic enzyme production

-imbalance in the gut flora

-high intake of antibiotics, pain killers and other pills

-too much stress

Nowadays, even though we have a huge variety of foods, spices and different ways of preparing them, we emphasize on eating just 5-6 foods every day, and we exclude all other nutrient sources. The worst things is that a lot of people, base their nutrition on the foods that are considered the most common suspects, causing food intolerances- i.e. dairy and grains.

By eating the same foods on a daily basis, we are more likely to create a reverse reaction of the immune system. Besides that, the variety of nutrients, that we provide to our body, is pretty limited, and this leads to a lot of health problems.

As I mentioned, one of the reasons behind food intolerances is the imbalanced gut flora.

The pancreas has the main responsibility for the production of digestive enzymes. The lack of enzyme production is widely spread. The enzyme deficiency, leads to a bunch of digestive issues. One of the main problems is the inability to digest food properly, which leads to malabsorption of micro-nutrients, which are needed for the proper functioning of your body. Improper food digestion stays in your intestines and becomes food for bad bacteria. This leads to stomach problems, gases and bloating. Feeding the intruders, leads to bad breakdown of the proteins you eat, increases the adverse reaction of your immune system and increases the risk of food intolerances.

Here, you should emphasize on eating a good amount of fermented foods. Do not neglect the importance of fermented foods in your diet, as they contribute for the proper gut flora and improved digestion.

Each one of the symptoms mentioned above, could be caused by food- its quality, quantity, the way we prepare it and the cascade reactions that follow, as a response from our body.

If you have some of the symptoms listed above, but you have accepted them for a normal condition, now is the time to rethink it and pay more attention to your food; experiment and make the small changes in your nutrition, which will improve the way you feel.

Soon, I will provide you with a lot of detailed information about food intolerances. It is a project I am working on, and as soon as it is ready, you will have plenty of information.



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