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Възникна грешка, моля опитайте пак
Записването е успешно

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She was sitting alone in the park. The thoughts were chasing each other in her head, and became more and more deafening… each of them fighting to attract more attention. Expectations, hopes, disappointments… a rush of mixed feelings and a wave of emotions. Her soul was fighting with the demons… the demons from her past, who weren’t allowing her to be herself! The demons, who thought that they were protecting her naked soul from the evil, jealous world, and in reality they were just stripping it more and more…

I was sitting alone in the park and I decided to stand up… to brush off each expectation and desire, that others had for me, brush off what was outweighing in every choice I made, every action I took…

Today I am sitting in the park, but I don’t feel lonely. My thoughts are in harmony with what I do and what I wanna achieve…

What is the point in all of this?

I’ve always been one of those people who detest fights, scandals and dissensions that provoke stormy reactions. I used to stress about everything that wasn’t under my control… about things I could do nothing about!

I used to go to my work outs, thinking “ What would happen if I jump for a rebound, somebody pulls my arm back and I dislocate my shoulder AGAIN?”

“ What would happen if I risk everything in order to achieve what I want and I fail?”

 “ What would happen if I say what I think and everybody laughs back at me?”

What would happen if I fail the try outs and I don’t earn a spot on the team?”

“ What would happen if I tell my boss that what I am working now isn’t what I am aiming for in life and I intend on changing my job?”

“ What if… (put anything that stresses you and worries you)?”

… and then brush off these worries. Such an attitude towards life could only stress you, suppress your creativity, your thoughts and doesn’t give you a chance to reach your potential!

Before when the life described above, was a short description of my life, I used to stress way too much, about things that weren’t in my control and more often than not I used to make the wrong decisions, just because I was trying to avoid confrontations, disappointments or reprobations!

One day, a person told me “ You need to have a more positive outlook on life. Ten years from now, when you look back to the past and remember this moment, you will laugh at the things you used to stress about!”

A hit on the face… One sentence that had the power to spin my life, to change the way I see things!

Right now I want you to look back on the past and remember a moment in your life, when you were stressed about the outcome of your actions…what happened?

Probably everything turned out good or if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, it still wasn’t so bad, and the consequences weren’t so dramatic. Chances are that you are even having a hard time, remembering what was the thing you were stressing so much about

Back in that moment I thought about the words “You need to have a more positive outlook on life. Ten years from now, when you look back to the past and remember this moment, you will laugh at the things you used to stress about!”… I looked back in my past and I remembered one of the hardest moments in my life, when I was asking myself what was the point to live… then I looked around, and I realized that I walked a long path and there was a point now! I realized that one thing disappoints you, but then another thing comes in your life, and fills the emptiness, cures the pain and gives you strength!

I understood that it doesn’t matter what others tell you and if I don’t like something and if something makes me feel bad, it should be thrown out of my life, no matter if it is gonna lead to a scandal with somebody, insulting words or ugly scenes. I understood that all of this lasts a moment… a short moment, that you need to gather your strength, to endure the negativity that is gonna pour down on you and then brushed off from the burden that didn’t allow you to improve… to keep moving forward, doing what you love and what makes you happy!

Today, if you are not satisfied with your job, but you are still scared to make a change, because you are not sure that your dreamed job will give you security and you will be successful… QUIT your job and do what  makes you happy! Ten years from now you will wonder how in the world you could hesitate for so long!

Today if your business partner is a person who suppresses you, who makes you feel inferior, don’t worry about his stormy reaction, that you decision to split will provoke… go ahead and tell him that you are going in a different direction! Ten years from now you will wonder how you could put up with the presence of a person like him in your life, for so long.

Today if you are not happy with something in your life, if you are surrounded with people that lower your self-esteem and kill your enthusiasm… but you are afraid that the change could lead to failure, to scandal or rumors… Just ask yourself what makes you happy… then go ahead and do it! Ten years from now you will be really happy and satisfied with the decision you made!

Never put up with a situation in your life, that makes you feel bad, just because in that moment you are having a bigger material benefit, then if you were doing what you love!

Never put up with people, that suck the life out of your veins, and suppress your improvement, just because you are scared what people could say or how mad they would be, when you tell them that your path must split!

Life is short! No matter what you do, today you have money, tomorrow you don’t, later on you are rich again…

Life is short! There will be people who like you and people who hate you, no matter what you do and no matter how much you try to satisfy them!

Life is too short… to put up with being miserable, just because you want to satisfy somebody else and avoid a negative reaction!

Do what you love! Don’t get stressed over things you can’t control! Ten years from now, you will look back and you will be happier than ever!


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