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She was slowly dancing on the dance floor of her own life. The rhythm was either getting faster and she was desperately trying to catch up with the steps, or it was getting slower- the moments when her movements seemed a little bit over-hasty. So many days have gone by, so many rehearsals from the dance of her own life, and she was still having problems, mastering the art of the dance- the art of living.

She was always out of the rhythm of the music, because she never listened to it-carefully. She never allowed herself to feel the music. She had her own notion about the steps; she had her own notion about the perfect choreography- a choreography, which was robbed out of beauty, surprises and the freedom for improvisation. Her choreography was one of those, where all emotions and feelings are lacking, all the chemistry between the dancers is nonexistent.  The dance floor of her life, was just another scene, where you step, mastering some steps beforehand- the steps that the jury is expecting to see and no matter if you feel like it or not, you just endure some time there, doing things you are expected to do.

It’s kind of funny… to belittle an art like dancing, to a combination of pre learned, mechanic movements.

It’s kind of funny… to belittle the art of living, to just mechanically walking on the beaten track.

Sometimes, what robs us out of the satisfaction from life is our over-hasty behavior; the desperate tried to fit reality in the frame of logic and clench to the notion that everything follows a logic path. What disappoints us is the adjustment that life is a straight line, a straight path, where we walk on and each diversion from the pre- traced route is equal to failure, a sign that we should give up.

I have a different twist on life. My apperceptions, allow the serpentine routes, the roundabout paths, the step backwards, the step to the side, the short stops for some rest and rethinking.

My notion about life, allows its happening in the form of an art- illogical, unique, but extremely deep and meaningful, if you knew even some of the motives of the person who created it.

What limits us is the notion that life goes in one straightforward direction that we should follow to the end of our life. The way we live, completely excludes, the opportunity for diversions, for a change in the direction and completely denies the rethinking of the final goal. Since we are kid, we are being taught that once you start walking on one path- that’s it! You have no other choices, no room for a change.

I believe in the right of every one of us to change and parallel to the personal change, I believe in the freedom to change the direction of our life. I believe in the right of everybody to choose a new outcome, according to his present point of view, depth of understanding and a feeling for meaning.

I believe in the right of everybody to strive for something with his whole heart, and then in one moment, he could be free to decide that this is not what he wants to do. I believe in the freedom to quit and head in another direction- taking a roundabout path. And later on, when he/ she gathers enough experience, when he/she gets  a deeper understanding and a different view about the world, when he/she finally feels ready, to get back on the former goal- and this time take it to the end and fulfill it.

I believe that life is the dancer and we are the dance. We create the choreography, and life just performs it, according to the freedom we give it.

I believe that there isn’t anything more beautiful than floating with the rhythm of your momentum feelings and when they dictate you to step backwards- just have more faith and do it.

I am the kind of person, who believes that right now, I can leave everything I’ve created and start from scratch in something completely different… later on, when I have more experience and knowledge, when I feel capable enough,  I can step to the side and go back where I used to be and this time finish it.

I believe in the capability of roundabout pathways, to finally take us to the goal- just because they give us time, they offer us experiences and the valuable knowledge, which enriches us.

I believe, that essence and possession are the two sides of the same thing and that the more you are, the more you have and the more you are capable of achieving.

I believe that in order to be more, you should experience more- so you can take and abandon. So you can take what builds you up and abandon what you are not and what is just robbing you from whom you have the potential to become.

Life follows the rhythm of the music and the choreography of the dance. A couple steps forward, one backwards…why not even a twist. Who cares? The beauty is always there, it is always present. The unpredictability, the passion, the emotions we invest in the movements is what makes the steps an art and the dance a masterpiece.

A progress forward, a failure and a step backwards… taking a deep breath and then taking some time to rest. How does it matter? The meaning is always with us, it is always present. The unexpected development of the situations, the longing and the enthusiasm we put into our actions, the generosity of giving a part of ourselves in everything we do, turn our existence into art and our life into a masterpiece.

Sometimes in life, we should make one step backwards, so we can keep on moving forward. It’s not always the path in straight line, the one which we should walk on. Our inner voice, always knows where it will lead us. It is not afraid of pauses, stepping back, slowing down or taking a rest. Everything that it dictates us to do is just because our inner voice “knows” something more. Just imagine that the straight path is hiding an obstacle that is really hard to overcome. An obstacle that may force us to give up. And the path, that is just one step to the side, might be a little bit longer, more roundabout, but it might not hide the dangers and obstacles that we might encounter if we stubbornly follow the straight path.

Just keep the faith and trust the process. Trust life, because believe it or not it follows the choreography, that our deepest longings dictate.



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