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Emily Sky
Emily Sky

“Not lifting weights because you are afraid of looking like a bodybuilder is like not driving your car because you fear becoming a Nascar driver.”

Andrew Dixon

Sometimes I allow myself to think that more and more people are realizing, that lifting weights, doesn’t make women big and bulky. But then, reality comes and slaps me in the face. It forces me to be an eyewitness to shocking statements, made by people ( mostly women), who have never tried to lift more than a pink dumbbell. And there is nothing wrong with this. Everybody is free to choose his own training method. What bugs me is the aggression that these people show, when they attack women who lift weights.

It is kind of strange, when you judge somebody for something you haven’t even tried yourself. You might not understand it and you might not feel the need to try it, but making evaluations, without basing them on real experience, is just a desperate try to pat your own ego and a desperate try to create the fake feeling of superiority.

That’s why today, I decided to make you think deeper about women and weights. Even after everything that has been written, there are constantly people who clench just in a fragment from the whole picture- the fragments that fit their own beliefs and theories. They pick, just what already backs up their beliefs.

I won’t bother you with theory and philosophies why women who lit weights don’t get big and bulky. I’ve already done it a billion times and if you want to know more, go ahead and read these articles.

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You were right! Women SHOULD NOT lift weights!

Truth is that I like athletic bodies. But still, even though I myself have pictures where I look ripped, in my daily life people rarely believe me that I lift weights.

Usually I get compliments for my body and they ask me what I train. When I proudly state that I lift weights- I usually get the shocked and perplexed look, followed by: “Well, then, how do you look so SKINNY and why aren’t you big and bulky?”

It turns out like that, because, what weights will do for you is just to shape a sexy and athletic body. They will help you sculpt a body, that will make every piece of clothing look stunning. Weights will help you get a body, that will make you feel great, not just because of the way you look, but also because of the feeling you get, from discovering your body’s physical abilities and the pleasure of being fit and healthy.

Sometimes, some of you get fooled by pictures of women with ripped abs. Then you say “ Oh, my God! I do not want to look like this. She is too muscular!” Truth is that 90% of these women, do not look like this all the time. Usually these kind of pictures are made during or after a workout.

During a workout, because of the physical activity, your muscles might look “pumped” and your muscles might have more visible definition. There is a big chance that you will be able to see your veins as well. But this is not a permanent condition.

It’s actually primarily due to a rise in blood pressure in the arteries, which carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to the muscles. This rise in arterial blood pressure forces plasma fluid out of the walls of thin blood vessels (capillaries).

When the plasma is forced out, the surrounding muscle becomes swollen and harder and pushes subcutaneous veins up to the surface.

If you are leaner, your veins will be more noticeable, than if you are carrying a good amount of fat on your body. But in both cases, this process is inevitable and it is a consequence of your workout and the way the body functions. Not a consequence of SHE turning into HE.

Sure, we are not talking about professional athletes and bodybuilders, who have completely different goals, and chase different achievements. They have nothing to do with your goal of getting fitter and healthier. So, please, stop staring pictures from bodybuilding competitions. Stop clenching into the exceptions, and creating myths about the common reality.

Here is for example, the beautiful Emily Sky. Some of her pictures are after a workout, before a workout or on days when she doesn’t work out. The way she looks on the pictures, depends on a lot of factors- if she worked out or not, what is the lightening, what she ate and so forth.

But in reality weights won’t make you look big, bulky and ugly. In your daily life, everybody will ask you how to achieve a body like yours and people won’t even think that weights ruined your body. Actually, exactly the opposite- they will admire what you’ve achieved.






And I think that Emily is a living proof for this. She is the proof that in your daily life you will look stunning and that nobody will even think that you look manly!

Just think about it! What do you imagine as weights? Nobody is asking you to lift 230 pounds. Your kid or your groceries weigh more than the weights you are lifting right now. I am not trying to convince you, that you should get in the gym, put all the bumpers on the bar and twist it.

Just start lifting adequate weights, that will challenge you; weights that will require some effort and weights that will stimulate your progress. For some this might mean- squat with 50 pounds; for others it might mean 100 pounds.

I myself train with so many women and I can tell you that there are some of them who start with bodyweight squats, until they master the proper technique. Others lift 120-150pounds. And all of them look wonderful and they don’t even have a trace of masculinity and bulkiness on their bodies!

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