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Инес Субашка-Ines Subashka pistol squat

How was your week? Mine was great. Plus I had the opportunity to read a ton of stuff- blogs and books and I am excited about sharing a long list with great articles. Check them out!

First, the articles in InspiredFitStrong for the past week in case you’ve missed something:

My New Favorite Exercise for Defined and Strong Arms

How Much Should I Rest Between Sets and Why Do You Deny Isolation Movements?

The Disease! How I Found Cure for It?

The Most Delicious and Quickest Recipe for Pangasius with Vegetables

And now my favorite reads for the week:

Myths of Paleo

6 Powerful Prowler Exercises


High Fat Nutrition: Paleo and Fructose

Athlete Insight

Superfit Mom to Be: Jamie Eason

My Health Transformation

Intermittent Fasting Infographic

Kevin Littler Transformation Journal

30 Photos of new Your City in the Summer of 69

Running Sucks, That’s Why I Walk

Crossfit Games

144lbs: Why Female Athletes Should Toss the Scale and Get a New Perspective

Product Review: Reebok CrossFit Lifter

Why I Donated My Stool

90/10, 80/20, 40/60… What’s Your Paleo Percentage?

What I Learned at My First CrossFit Regionals Competition

Highway Through Hell: Getting Back Into CrossFit

Success=Strength by Tony Gentilcore

How to Get in Great Shape, Even After an Injury by John Berardi

Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer? by Chris Mohr

Can You Learn About Fitness from Unrequited Love? by Joy Victoria

The Perfect Time by Krista Scott-Dixon

Conditioning thoughts from Jason Ferruggia

Isos and High Tension Lifting by Todd Bumgardner

How Does Usain Bolt Train? by Bret Conteras

The “All I Need Is One Dumbbell” Workout by Mike Boyle

I’m Done With Back Squats by John Romaniello

How to Dress Better by Nate Green

Cranky Elbows and Triceps Recovery by Miguel Aragoncillo

6 Powerful Prowler Exercises by Dan Trink

Build Explosive Speed by Josh Bryant

7 Advanced Exercise Modifications by Jean Paul Catanzaro

The Get Swole Upper Body Workout by Mike Robertson

Strength: You’re Doing It Wrong by Stevo Reed

Developing Explosive Power by Kevin Neeld

The Day I Got My Ass Kicked by Sean Hyson

Extreme Leanness: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Molly Galbraith

The Earth is Our Gym by Ross Enamait

Strength Coach Podcast with Al Vermeil

Off Bench Oblique Hold by Tony Gentilcore

Slideboard Bodysaw Pushup by Eric Cressey

What’s the Deal With the Paleo Diet? by Chris and Kara Mohr

Kentucky Strong: Get Back to the Basics by Chase Karnes

Don’t Forget the Dumbbell Pullover by Cory Gregory

Regress for Progress by Sohee Lee

Interview with Karl Safran

How Much Is Too Much? by John Grace

It’s Hard to Be You Sometimes, But It Doesn’t Have to Be by Emily Giza Socolinsky

A Stronger Body is a Healthier Body by Emily Giza Socolinsky

3 Exercises You Probably Haven’t Tried by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Coaching the Single Leg Deadlift by Ben Lee

Making Strong Connections With Your Will by Jackson Yee

Massage Principles by Patrick Ward

How to Prevent Achilles Tendinitis Injury

Why Sugar Can Kill You

Is Too Much Protein Bad for You

Gary Taubes: Bad Calories or Bad Research? – James Krieger

A Retrospective Look at the Fructose Alarmism Debate – Alan Aragon

Low Carb Talibans – Martin Berkhan

Why Lifting Weights Lets You Eat More Carbs

Strength Doesn’t Have a Gender

Pro Tips from Rich Froning

The Truth about Fattening Foods

6 Female Strength Training Myths

1 Reason for Slow Female Fat Loss

The Hollow Body Position

Science Says: Your Energy Drink Isn’t Special

Coping with Injury: The Psychology of Being Sidelined

The #CrossFit Rx fallacy and 30 better ways to train

Pulling Technique In Weightlifting: The Triple Extension vs. The flat-footed/catapult

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Ines Subashka

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