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Ines-Subashka-Инес Субашка

It was one of those cold, autumn nights, when the streets are empty. The melancholy of the season was a reflection of the truth, created by her own mind. It was the painting, that her mind was drawing- a result of the “heavy” thoughts that kept her in captivity.

The night and the silence… so beautiful for some of us and so oppressing, scary and obsessing for others.

As if, when you are alone, the silence fills up with everything that is hidden inside of you. The fear, that impregnates darkness, the one that strengthens the outlines of all physical forms and contributes for the sense of power in the material world.

The fear that is hidden inside of you and each time you are left with your own self, starts walking loudly in your mind. It goes everywhere and makes sure that every place in your mind will be stained by its fakeness, illusion and obtrusive traces.

Most people spend their lives in captivity of their own fears. Day after day, each action is just another movement, which strengthens the loop of fears and implicates us in them.

Led by the fake feeling of insecurity, of the danger that is sneaking from everywhere, we walk timidly through the years and we rarely get the courage to walk boldly towards our own dreams.

As if the loop of fear is dragging us back. The more we rush to get free, the more the loop strangles us and forces us to give up… give up the freedom of going after our own greatness.

We choose to be left in the captivity of our own fears and endure the slavery of our own mind, instead of “swallow” the momentum pain and discomfort, that accompany the freedom from the loop of fear. And then, when we are already free, go ahead and deserve the life we dream of.

Once we allow fear to get in our minds and settle there, we could hardly send it off- especially when our daily actions and thoughts, give their best to feed it and give it more strength and confidence.

Once fear gets in your mind and once it receives our permission to walk there, freely , we could hardly send it off. Especially in the cases when we haven’t left any place for something else-for dreams, hopes and faith in our own self and our own abilities.

Fear is the shadow of our own greatness. The dark side of everything beautiful, that we’d like to have.

Just like every shadow, fear is an illusion. The closer we are to what we want to have, the bigger is our fear.

Just like each shadow- the closer is the subject, the bigger his shadow seems to be.

And just those that have the courage to stand face in face with their own greatness, dare to discover the World, which is friendly waiting for them, offering abundance.

For the rest, the world is on the other side of perception.  For the rest, the world could be just guessed, but not known. Because in order to know something, you should first invite it to become a part of your life. You should set yourself free from doubts, guesses, biases and fake convictions- the result of past experiences.

Because sooner or later, life places every one of us, where he belongs. Life places us where we deserve to be. The place we believe, that we belong in.

And when we don’t allow anything else, but fear to be part of our lives, we send a message, that we are small, invaluable human beings, that run through the world, hoping that somebody or something will save us and take off the burden of our unlimited potential.

Because, chasing your own greatness takes courage and responsibility. The responsibility to stop hiding behind the small, the unreal and the useless. It takes the responsibility to state yourself and your own existence in front of the world and the boldness to ask for what belongs to you!


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Ines Subashka

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