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As you already know, my personal mission is to convince as many women as possible, to start lifting weights and to get rid of the pointless fears, that weights will make them look bulky, manly and too muscular!

Some time ago, I posted a couple articles, where I shared some of the mistakes I used to make in my workouts, and the consequences from them! ( “3 Mistakes That Killed My Progress HERE“; 3 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Imbalances)

Even though a lot more people start working out and eating healthy, my observations show me that most of them start doing it for the wrong reason, i.e. with the only goal of looking better!

The sooner you realize, that the main purpose behind working out and eating healthy should be your HEALTH, the sooner you will become fit, and the sooner you will start looking the way you’ve always dreamed! Besides that the better you will feel in your own body!

I’ve noticed that most women who go to the gym, usually pick up their exercises on the foundation of a really weird logic! I often hear them say “ I don’t wanna do pull ups, because my back will become huge”; “ I won’t do military press, because my upper body will become too muscular”; “ I don’t wanna squat, because my legs will get big” and so on.

And after all, exactly what are you gonna do? Walk on the treadmill and sit around the ab machines! Wonderful! If that is all, you are about to do in the gym, you better go for a walk in the park and stop every 10 minutes, to complete a couple crunches!

But in case, that you really wanna be in better shape, start choosing exercises, that will help you look better and in the same time improve your health! Look on your workouts as the ticket, which will offer you the best seats, in the theatre of life- those of the healthy, active people!

HERE I explained why it is so important to train your lower body! And today I will remind women, who are afraid of doing pull-ups, presses and push ups, why it is so important to actually include these exercises in your training routine!

Do you have back problems? Or do you have a bad posture? Do you sit with slouched posture? Then, there isn’t anything else, you would need, as much as you should do upper body exercises ( and I am assuming, that you have already started training your lower body, after my last “sermon” 😉 )

Why? The main muscles, which are responsible for the retraction ( the pulling back) of your shoulders, are those in your upper back. In your words, those that “ are gonna get huge from doing pulling movements”. By refusing to work these muscles, you are voluntary cursing yourself to contribute for your bad posture, which is gonna lead to a lot of pain!

How? The main muscles, which do the opposite function of retraction, i.e. take the shoulder forward are the pectoralis and your deltoideus( picture the muscles on your shoulders and your chest). As a consequence of too much sitting in front of the PC and many more activities we do on a daily basis, in a combination with not enough pulling movements to balance this, the pecs and delts become too short!

Thus, the lengthened, not strong enough muscles, which are responsible for retraction, in combination with the shortened muscles, which take the shoulder forward, you have the perfect formula for a bad posture, which leads to a lot of neck, back and lower back pain!

And why is all of this? Because you are stubbornly believing the myths, that exercises are divided into exercises for men and exercises for women! Because you keep on believing that women should not be strong and that women should not lift weights or do a variety of movements in the gym!

ИAnd as I love telling you, women are not the special part of the population! They are just the rest of the population! Women are normal human creatures and their bodies need to be trained in a way that will help proper posture and better functioning!

And I assure you that there ain’t anything scary with lifting weights! I do pull ups, I do weighted push- ups, push presses with over 50kg, different kind of rowing variations with HEAVY weights and my back isn’t huge, my biceps don’t tear the sleeves of my shirts! 😉 So, if you please! Don’t fool yourself and take care of your body! Quit repeating pick up lines from women’s magazines! Search for the logic and when you find it, you will realize how you are supposed to train!

That’s what weights have done for me! Why don’t you try it yourself?

Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka
I've never felt or looked better :)
I’ve never felt or looked better 🙂


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Ines Subashka

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