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Ramona Valerie
Athlete in picture: Ramona Valerie

There I one mistake, that a lot of trainees do, when they start going to the gym. And it hides in the decision to prioritize particular muscle groups, that the trainee decided he wants to develop and strengthen, and by this ignoring the rest of muscles.

More often than not, I hear men who say “I don’t train legs!”; “Why would I need to train legs?”; “ I avoid training legs, because mine are huge!”… and sometimes women, who claim they go to the gym, to do just some exercises for their arms, because legs aren’t their priority at the moment.

Today I will emphasize on the EXCEPTIONAL NECESSITY TO TRAIN LEGS, no matter what your goals are!

Why is it so important to train your legs?

First, because it is really satisfying! Exercises which load your legs, are some of the most unique exercises that you could include in your program! ( HERE you could check out some of the best exercises for strong legs and butt)

Besides that the lower part of your body is about 47% ( roughly said) of your whole body. So, then, how could you go to the gym and just train half of your body and neglect the rest?

Compound movements, which load your legs,train your whole body! This means, that by training your legs, you will get a really good pump on the rest of your muscles!

Exercises, which train your legs are some of the most demanding exercises and the hormonal response, that takes place in your body, will help you achieve your goals with ease and a lot more effectively!

And now let me not forget the most important! Strong, well developed muscles on your legs and butt, are the base of a healthy, athletic body!

You can’t imagine how much of the problems you have with your knees, lower body and ankles are due to your underdeveloped lower body muscles, as well as your core!

Nowadays, people suffer from the so called dead butt syndrome. In this post ( check it out HERE), you can read exactly what happens when your posterior chain is not functioning properly. You will realize how many injuries could occur, because of your refusal to train your lower body!

Another reason to train your lower body, if you are a man, is that suffering form the Chicken Legs Syndrome( read about it HERE- what it is and how to cure it!) is really gay! There is absolutely nothing attractive in a man’s physique, which resembles more a potato on sticks! I am sorry! Truth hurts, but please! Get yourself together! There isn’t anything more attractive about a man’s body, than well developed legs and a tight, strong butt! So rethink your philosophy about “ I don’t train legs”. And if you are one of those, who think that their legs are too huge and they don’t need to “grow” anymore… I think you are seeing your reflection in a twisted mirror! There isn’t such thing as too huge, when we talk about legs! And even if it is possible, people spend years working out, eating and taking supplements to achieve this results! So there is absolutely no danger for you!

If you are a woman… the same is true for you! Ask every man and I am sure that he will agree, that well shaped female thighs and butt, contribute a lot for a sexy female body! If you want to free yourself from the hesitation, how to dress the next time you have a date! If you want to save yourself hours of changing every single piece of clothing in your wardrobe, staring in the mirror and wondering which one fits you the best… then train your lower body, because a well shaped booty and thighs, make every piece of clothing fit perfect!

So, it’s your call! Are you gonna train legs?

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