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Chicken Tuna( Laura Harris)

Lately I notice more women, who dare to lift heavier weights in the gym! This really makes me happy, but more often than not, they still don’t get the results, they work for, because their approach to lifting weights is not right!

Daring to put down the pink dumbbells and picking up a heavier dumbbell, is definitely a step forward, but is it enough?

It is really important, exactly what you are doing with the weights!

If you’ve done the first step, and you’ve dared to use a weight, that is heavier than your shopping bag, now it is time to move one more step forward and stop dividing exercises into “exercises for men” and “exercises for women”. It is time to stop fearing particular exercises and stop avoiding them!

The exercise, which most women avoid is DEADLIFT! My favorite movement, together with the squat! If women are inclined to do squats, in order to shape athletic butt and legs, they are rarely inclined to deadlift!

And this is your biggest mistake! EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO DEADLIFTS! I am not even kidding! It is better to skip your abs’ exercises, than to skip deadlifting!

Why should you do deadlifts?

Ah, I don’t even know where to start! First, because the feeling to be strong enough to lift a heavy weight from the ground is simply UNIQUE! Every woman, with whom I train, initially has a skeptic approach to the idea of deadlifting. But when they try once, they onstantly ask me “ When are we gonna deadlift?” As a friend in the gym says “ All women are like this! At first you refuse, but when you once try, nobody can make you stop!” 😉

Besides that, deadlifts are a compound movement, which trains your whole body! Deadlifting can contribute a lot for shaping your gluteus and your hamstrings, as well as for strengthening the muscles on your lower and upper back!

Tell you the truth, nothing has done more, for my hamstrings, than deadlifting has!

Besides that if you are a woman, I am sure that your dream is to have strong, defined abs. I assure you that there aren’t a lot of exercises that will load your midline, as heavy deadlifts will! I don’t do some “specific” exercises for my six pack, if we don’t count some stabilizing exercises… but deadlifts, squats and the rest of the compound movements, which I include in my workouts, help me more than enough to make my abs stronger!

Another reason to do deadlifts, as I already mentioned is that it trains your whole body! You always say, that you do not have enough time to work out. If there is one compound movement, that could substitute a couple isolation movements, why would you avoid doing it? This way you will save some time in the gym and you will have better results and become stronger ( don’t mistaken strong for bulky)!

And before I forget, let me mention the most obvious, yet most neglected reason… DEADLIFTING IS ONE OF THE MOST NATURAL MOVEMENTS, that you could perform! Shocked? Don’t rush it!

Just give it a thought! What are you doing when you lift your shopping bags from the ground! You bend and you lift them! And usually if the bags are heavier, there is a big risk of getting some lower back pain! Why? Because you are not doing deadlifts and you haven’t learned the proper way to lift a weight from the ground!

If you master the proper deadlifting technique, there won’t be anything more healthy than deadlifting! You will help your back muscles to become stronger and contrary to popular belief, deadlifts won’t screw your back, but it will cure it!

But I want to emphasize again- IF YOU MASTER THE PROPER TECHNIQUE!

So, ladies! Please, stop wasting your time and start deadlifting! You don’t have time for hesitation! The more you wait and the more you postpone including the deadlift in your workouts, the further you will be from achieving your goal of having a nice, well shaped hamstrings and glutes!

In case you still haven’t mastered the proper deadlifting technique, learn more HERE!

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