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Part of the holidays are over and I hope that you had a great time. I hope that you managed to chose the best for yourself in every single moment, and that you didn’t try to “earn” your emotions by eating massive amounts of food.

Still, if you did it for some reason- STOP IT! Stop blaming yourself and start over today. Every day you have the opportunity to build yourself as a better version of your past self.

Every day you have a chance to change the choice you made yesterday, and thus you will change the outcome.

Do not blame yourself for anything. You are not a failure. What you did is not something that defines you. This is just the choice you made, not your characteristic.

If you overate, forget about absurd diets and starvation. Just start eating the way you ate before the holidays and everything will turn out great.

If you go to extremes in your tries to atone for the blame, then you are taking yourself in the enchanted circle of overeating and starving!

Stop it! You have today and countless number of choices, which you could make in order to change the outcome!

My week was great. I challenged myself during the holidays. I changed my regular schedule, so I can go out of my comfort zone and get out of my routine. Yes, for me resting is a challenge, but I realized the need of every person to take a break every now and then, to distant himself from what he loves to do and then come back even more motivated and passionate. And I think I did great with the resting part, so I am proud of myself.

Besides that I bought James Altucher’s book- Choose Yourself and I am so happy. I’ve wanted that book for a long time.

Have a great weekend and find time for my favorite reads this week.

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