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As you already know my goal with all the post I write and everything I am trying to explain, isn’t to give you the newest, magical diet, which you could follow for a given period of time, lose some weight and then come back to the old, bad, eating habits, which will take you back to your starting weight. My idea is to convince you that you must change your lifestyle, that you should be patient and that you should enjoy the journey to a fitter you and not to rush it, searching for magical solution to your long fight with excess weight!

While you are fighting with your weight, you won’t achieve success!

Today I will try to explain you, why diets, which you follow even if they help you lose some weight at the beginning, then lead to you gaining all the weight back. Sometimes even some more weight!

This is well known as the post starvation obesity. And the name itself, hides the reason why so many people gain more weight, than they lost, when they are done with dieting.

In reality every person has a set point weight- an ideal body weight. Body weight towards your body is constantly trying to gravitate. This has something to do with inborn balancing signals, which primary goal is to ensure survival of each individual. Unfortunately I can’t tell you a formula for your ideal body weight, that will fit everybody, because this weight depends on a lot of things, as well as your way of living, while you were a teenager ( between 15-20 years old).

Here I will make a lyric diversion and I will tell you that this is one of the reasons why it is so important to pay more attention to the food you feed your kids with ( or your future kids). While we are still young, our bodies go through serious hormonal changes, and all of this, to some extend predetermines the health of the individual in the future. It turns out like this, because the hormonal response of your body, the regulating mechanisms “adjust” according to your body status during your teenage years. Thus a person who during his teen years, used to be overweight, will “push” his body to gravitate towards a different set point of body weight, than a  person with similar size, who used to be a lot thinner in his teens! Here I want to mention that this is by no means an excuse that you can’t get fitter! You can, as long as you do it the right way!

Ok, now let me go back to the topic about the ideal weight and the inborn, controlling mechanisms. These mechanisms help your body “respond” to forces from the world surrounding you. Forces which are trying to shift this ideal weight. As I already mentioned all of this is due to the primary goal of survival!

Thus with the increase or the decrease of fat in your body, stimulates the adipose tissue to send signals to your brain that there is some kind of a threat. Which leads to an immediate regulation of your appetite and hunger?

Besides that all of this leads to regulations in the physical activity or to be precise to the desire and the ability of your body to perform physical activity!

Thus the metabolic forces, oppose to changes in your body weight and changes in your body composition. By shifting away from the ideal weight ( the set point), your body reacts in an aggressive way, trying to do everything possible to take you back to the set point. This leads to involuntary increase in food consumption and involuntary behavior of decreased physical activity.

This means that when you follow absurd diets, which drastically decrease your calorie intake or increase your physical activity way too much or the worst- a combination of the two, you are forcible to your body and you are trying to shift from your ideal body weight in a rude manner!

Thus, even though you might have the will to endure this for some period of time, and if you manage to successfully resist your inborn mechanisms, which control your body weight and ensure the survival of your body, there will come a moment when you will be helpless. You know what I am talking about, right? The moments, when it seems that no matter how much you eat, you are always hungry! As if somebody else is making you eat all that food. The moments when you can’t recognize yourself and you wonder what to do in order to get back in track with your diet. Well, this is the moment when biology wins over will power! The moment when your body is responding you in the same rude manner, that you treated it!

And this behavior will continue until you get back to your old set point. You might even gain some additional pounds!

I am sure that most of you have had this negative experience with diets. It always turns out like this and you can’t figure it “WHY???”” Where do you go wrong?

I will tell you. Your mistake is in the way you understand the word diet. Dieting is not an equivalent to one month of deprivation and then staying in shape for the rest of your life. Dieting is a lifestyle! Dieting is not supposed to torture you and make you starve! Dieting is just a change in your eating habits. It is supposed to make you eat real, quality food!It is supposed to help you stop fighting with your body and its biological needs! Actually exactly the opposite- to start cooperating with your body! This is the only way to make peace with it and achieve the desired results!

Give up on the quick, magical solutions to the problem with being overweight!

Just set a goal. Not a goal to lose “X” pounds to the need of the month, but to change your eating habits and the quality of your food!

Lose the weight gradually! Just the way you probably gained those pounds! Don’t stress your body, by making it starve, because you are helpless when it comes to its biological needs and your inborn mechanisms that ensure survival!

Learn to eat, not to starve!

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