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The beautiful Andrea Ager!
The beautiful Andrea Ager!

Around the web is circulating the phrase “Ignorance is a bliss!”, which I find to be really actual in our contemporary society. I think that a lot of people use “ignorance”, as a really good excuse and a try to mask their behavior and their bad habits, which in some way or another lead to a destruction of the personality, destruction of the body and withering of the mind.

This reminds me for one of my favorite quotes from Carlos Ruiz Zafon: “ I felt surrounded by millions of neglected pages, left without their owner, Universes and souls, which were long forgotten in the ocean of darkness, while the world, pulsing beyond those walls, day after day was losing its memory and the more it forgot, the wiser it considered itself to be.”

That’s exactly what is taking place today, when it comes to the health culture of people. The more we “evolve”, the more we distant ourselves from the connection we used to have with nature and our own bodies.

Day after day, like parrots, we are repeating pick up lines, we serve with them as if they are the authentic evidence, that discharges “ the crimes”, which we are doing towards our own health, with our unhealthy habits and lifestyle as a whole.

Pick up lines, like these:

“I am sick of it. I will eat whatever I want. Some say carbs are unhealthy. Others say fats are bad. What am I supposed to do? Probably stop eating!”

“We live one life and I am gonna enjoy it and grab with handfuls from it. That’s why I will eat whatever I feel like.”

“If you’d like, we might give up all contemporary inventions and achievements, and we might as well go back in prehistory.”

Well, I will tell you that a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean denying all contemporary achievements and go back to the caves.

Instead, we should find the best way to enjoy the contemporary lifestyle, without decreasing the quality of our life, by slaving our unhealthy habits.

We’ve become a society, where day after day we belch excuse after excuse; we think up more and more reasons, that will discharge our lack of will; lack of goals; lack of attitude and respect towards our own body and health.

Our behavior, reminds me of the behavior of robots- they do not understand, they just assimilate information. Most people behave exactly like this, don’t you think?

With each phrase, with each thought and word, it seems as if we are screaming how helpless we are and how what is happening is just confusing us and how some people are trying to rob the happiness out of our life.

In reality, nobody could intrude in our life and make us do something. In reality nobody is trying to teach us how to eat and how to live. The point is different… or at least my point and my motivation are completely different.

Ignorance or in other words the lack of knowledge and the limited information about the world and everything that belongs it, are a pretty good place to live and fool yourself, that you have the freedom of action and the freedom of making decisions.

But in reality, true freedom comes with knowing.

True freedom comes when you gather enough pieces from the puzzle and you can put them together…by yourself; true freedom comes when you can act by yourself, based on what you’ve accepted, realized, assimilated and denied.

Freedom is when your decisions are based on your own, personal convictions, which are a product of your own experience and a product of what you’ve seen, read and taken from somebody else’s experience.

That is the point of all kind of books and blogs about healthy living. For some one thing is unhealthy, for others the same thing might be healthy. And this doesn’t matter!

Everybody chooses a truth to believe in. But what could be better than creating your own truth, which is the fruit of enough information, not a mask for your ignorance?

If we took more time to learn how our bodies function, then we could read all the information about healthy eating and living with detachment, and we could reveal which pieces from the information fit the complicated mechanism, that is the foundation of the way our bodies function.

Then, we wouldn’t say: “One is saying that carbs are evil, and another is saying fats are evil. Who am I supposed to trust?” Because, then we would trust our own self and our own authentic judgment!

It is the easiest thing to play the role of a victim and put yourself in the position of a helpless person, who is being attacked by evil know-it-all people. But this way, you are just fooling yourself!

In the era of information, it is a sign of apathy, to limit ourselves behind the walls of excuses; to get informed about all kind of useless doings, and ignore the most important information- the one how our body functions and how we could serve it, by sustaining it healthy, so we can then use it, as an instrument to achieve every goal or dream we have.

And in case you wonder, who you are supposed to trust about what is healthy and what is not, my new passion towards epigenetics and reprogramming of our genes, gave me a pretty valuable set point.

When you can’t find an explanation for something, using the available evidences, you can always find a logical explanation, following the evolution. And evolution on the other hand is a fact, that is being explained by theory!

Eat the optimally best food available, move more and enjoy the evolution in our society ( where there is such)!


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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

Ine Subashka-Инес Субашка

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  1. Erin Tyler

    Kind of frustrating read. Beautifully and intelligently written and also us vs. them and a wholly narcissistic endeavor. Nobody doesn’t like an aura of elevated specialness around the things they identify with, but using what is essentially a nicer, more intellectual sounding “no fatties” to get there is kind of lame. Ab shots probably didn’t help.

    One pack judges another. Then the smaller pack with less body fat judges back. We are all the same pack, no?

    For the record, I eat paleo and crossfit 4 days a week.

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