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How many pieces of fruit do you eat in a day? I read everywhere that fruits should be eaten in small quantities, but I just love them and if I don’t eat at least 3-4 apples a day ( at least one for a dessert), I just can’t go on without them. I wouldn’t trade apples even for chocolate. So what is your opinion and is there a point in following a low carb, high fat diet, if I keep in eating cheese and fruits?

When it comes to fruits, I hardly ever eat them. Sometimes during the summer I might eat some berries. Every now and then, I might eat one-two slices of apple or another kind of fruit, but I rarely feel like eating them. At the beginning when I started eating high-fat, low carb diet, I felt like eating fruits a lot more often… before I adapted to the diet! Since this happened I have absolutely no desire for carbs, but mainly for pork steaks and pork breasts! 😉 At the beginning it will be hard, but as the time goes by, you will automatically decrease the fruits. Back in the days, I couldn’t go without eating at least half a cake for dessert, after dinner, but nowadays I can not even imagine to feel like eating cake! My advice is to give a chance to low carb, high fat eating. You will see how with more consistency, there will come a time when your way of eating, won’t be dictated by your will and by the “knowledge of what you SHOULD” eat and how you SHOULD limit carbs, because you will just lose your desire to eat so much carbs and you will crave more fatty stuff.

Hello, Ines! I decided to try the high fat, low carb diet. I know that it will be extremely hard, because I am used to eating sweet stuff every day. I wanted to ask you for advice. Would you recommend me this way of eating and if you have some kind of tricks for tidbits like me?

As always when it comes to food, everything comes up to being more conscious. The problem with most people is that they allow their habits control them every day. As if they switch on autopilot  without even thinking if what they are doing on a daily basis is good for them or not, and if they need to bring some changes.

First of all we should learn to be more conscious about eating! How often do you happen to eat, while your mind is somewhere else and you are thinking about everything else, but the food in the plate, and then it turns out that when you are back in the present moment, you are already eating your third helping?

Besides that you should change your notion about yourself. “I am a tidbit” is a statement, which you are constantly repeating, and in the end it turns in reality and every time you decide to change something, something inside of you is whispering “ You don’t have a chance, you are a tidbit” and thus you will quickly quit.

As I mentioned, if I can stop eating sweets and not crave them at all, then everybody can! It is a matter of time, patience and motivation. Start gradually limiting sweet things. Besides that when you start eating real food, you will automatically need less junk, because you will give your body quality fuel and you won’t constantly need to eat.

By switching to a high fat, low carb diet, the hunger for carbs will gradually decrease, because fats will become a lot tastier and you will need them, not the carbs.

If you feel like eating sweets, let them be healthier. Check out HERE, where you could find a lot of ideas for easy, tasty, healthy recipes. Of course, do not make desserts the foundation of your nutrition. Just prepare them and grab a bite or two, when you crave some junk.

And change your attitude towards food. There are a lot more beautiful things in life, that you will discover, when you stop making food the only source of happiness and entertainment!

Hello, Ines! I want to know if it is ok to do interval cardio, after an upper body workout, because after a lower body workout I have absolutely no strength left, or is it better to do it on days when I do not lift weights? Thank you in advance!

Interval cardio, is not the most appropriate term that you could use, because there are a big difference between intervals ( as I understand them) and cardio. As you already know my opinion about intervals is that they are one of the best ways to finish your workout. There are a lot of different ways to do intervals, and you could read more about them HERE,HERE and HERE.

Often times I see that people understand intervals the wrong way. You do not need to spend 30-40 minutes, doing intervals. Just the fact that you are doing them for so long, shows that you are not doing them right, because who could endure doing interval sprints for 30-40 minutes?

Interval workouts are one of the shortest workouts, and still one of the most challenging and tiring.

For example, yesterday I did 12 intervals of 20 seconds sprint and 20 seconds rest. My workout ( without the warm up) lasted no more than 8 minutes. For most of you it is insane to work out just 8 minutes. But it depends on what you understand when you say sprints. For most people sprinting is just a little faster, than a regular jog, but for me sprinting is SPRINTING. You give your max effort, for the short amount of time you have. If you just jog, it is normal to not find intervals for an effective way to train, but if you do them properly, 8 minutes might seem as an eternity!

Ines, I see that you often mention swings in your posts. Isn’t that exercise dangerous for your lower back?

Each exercise is dangerous, when you do not perform it properly. But as it is with deadlifts, the swings have earned a bad name, because of the fact that most people do not perform them with proper technique. The most frequently made mistakes, when performing swings, include the rounded back, the shoulders going forward and desperate tries to lift the kettlebells with your arms, and not with the hinge movement coming from the hips. All of this definitely leads to loading of the lower back, which leads to unwanted pain and it interferes with the proper loading of the muscles, you intended to laod with the swings. HERE I wrote a post about the proper swing technique.

And one picture from my workout yesterday 🙂

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