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Инес Субашка- Ines Subashka
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Thank you for the messages you sent me this week. I hope that I haven’t disappointed you and that you are receiving all the information you are looking for. This week I decided to answer the questions about carb rotation; the best breakfast and protein shakes as a substitute to meals.

Hello, Ines!

I really like your website and everything you write. I’d like to know your opinion on carb rotation.

Tell you the truth, I’ve started writing a post about carb rotations, more than 5 times and I never finish it. Not because I do not know what to say about it, but because my view on nutrition is so different, that diets which have to do with a lot of calculations and defined schemes, don’t fir in my recommendations.

Still, as you guess I’ve tried carb rotations. I am not gonna lie, that after my current nutrition plan, carb rotation was the diet, which did the best work, when it comes to getting closer to my appearance goals. But just this.

Nowadays, I see food not just as a means to look better, but also as a means to feel healthier. Today for me the best nutrition plan, is the one that helps you feel healthier and more energetic, while still helping you achieve your appearance goals.

Personally, when I followed the carb rotation, it was really challenging for my mind. If on a low carb day, it happened that I ate more carbs, I started feeling guilty and I thought I ruined everything. Besides that following a carb rotation suggests that you will eat foods, which I consider “not healthy”- oats, rice, potatoes. If you stick to the food groups that I advise you to eat, it will be really hard to follow a carb rotation, by eating mushrooms, broccoli, green salads, as your main carb source.

Besides that if you’ve been reading my blog, you are probably sick of reading my opinion about carbs as a main fuel source, so when you keep in mind my philosophy, carb rotation works well for achieving the appearance you want. It is a lot healthier than the standard supermarket diet, which is the common diet for most people, but still not the most optimal thing you could do for your health.

Carb rotation is often used by bodybuilders and it definitely helps them achieve their goals. But if we keep in mind the fact that you are just people, who want to be physically active, fitter, eat better and feel healthier, personally I’d recommend you to skip the carb rotation.

Hello, Ines!

I really want to lose 15-20 pounds, but I do not want to follow diets, which will be just a temporary fix, as you’d say. I want to change my lifestyle and the way I eat. I started having breakfast and usually I have a fresh juice of grapefruit and oranges and a couple oat cookies. I really have no idea, what I should eat for breakfast. Would you help me?

You have no idea, how many questions I get about breakfasts. It seems as people’s biggest problem is what to have for breakfast. In my opinion everything starts with breakfast. By what you chose to eat for breakfast, you pretty much determine the hormonal response of your body during the day, which in turn determines if the feeling of hunger will be under control or if it will be dictated by your raging hormones.

I already shared with you my opinion about carbs for breakfast (HERE); as well as my opinion about women and diets with fruits ( HERE) and of course I’ve shared multiple times my opinion about grains (HERE). So the breakfast mentioned b my reader is not good.

The problem that most people face, when choosing what is right for breakfast, comes mainly from the fact that most of them make the wrong assumption that a breakfast should be something sweet or something with a dough, or a combination of the two. You should remember that if your breakfast is like your dinner, and you had eggs/fish/ steak and veggies for dinner, then you are eating healthy.

What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if you are having lunch, breakfast or dinner or if you are just having a snack. All of your meals should be meant to provide fuel for your body. That means you should give your body quality food.

And if you still want me to share with you what I have for breakfast… it is no secret that I eat eggs, butter and veggies/ eggs, butter, olives and veggies/ eggs, bacon and veggies.

But if you remember the “rule” I told you above, you won’t have any problems with choosing the right breakfast.

Ines, do you think that it is ok if I buy protein powder and drink protein shakes as my afternoon snack?

The favorite protein question! But I really don’t understand it why everybody who follows a nutrition plan,  makes the assumption that the first thing to buy is protein. Especially when it comes to substituting your meals with protein shakes. The only situation, when I’d understand such a move, would be if you are at a seminar or something from that sort, where you won’t be able to eat for longer periods of time. And still, I’ve been to a lot of seminars, and they had nothing to do with sport ( I mean people wouldn’t understand why I eat the way I do) and as always I took my Tupperware with healthy food and I once again ate clean, real food, during the 15 minutes breaks.

The thing is that protein powder is not real food. Why would you buy protein and DRINK your food, instead of buy a steak or eggs, which you could EAT and which besides the quantity of protein they provide, will give you other micro nutrients that your body needs?

In other words, I want to tell you that protein has its role, but not when it comes to “It is a trend to drink protein shakes, so I am buying one as well.” Always try to first eat real food and then as an emergency turn to other sources!

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Ines Subashka

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