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Thanks to everybody who wrote me this week. Today I will answer the questions if whole wheat bread is healthy; how to overcome the fear of eating fats and how to get rid of the mania to work out everyday and find the balance!

Hi! I’ve been following your blog and your Facebook page. I really like what you are doing and I notice that you’ve found the balance, when it comes to workouts and nutrition. I have a problem! I can not train just a  couple times a week. I work out every single day and I know that it is not right, because I feel exhausted. From what I’ve read, you’ve gone through the same thing. My question is how did you manage to get rid of the working out mania?

As it is with everything we do in life, the balance can be hard to achieve. Usually you will see the two extremes- either too much working out or none!

As it is with each mania and extremity, in the case with working out everything comes up to some kind of an emotional problem, something that has to do with your mind. In the past, for me, working out was something like an escape… I used to associate myself with what I did in the gym or on the court. And when I happened to miss a workout, I felt as if I was nobody and as if my day had no purpose.

I used to torture my body a lot and more often than not, I worked out even though I felt exhausted. There is no need to say that I hardly ever achieved the progress I worked so hard for.

All of a sudden, I decided that I will win over my mind and that I will start liking myself. Every extreme is some kind of a punishment towards the self. Something like masochism, which we rarely have the courage to acknowledge.

In the moment, when I started liking myself, I found the balance. I stopped doing things that harm my body and my mind. I stopped feeling guilty for things that had to do nothing with me and as a consequence I stopped punishing myself for the sins I did not make!

I started using workouts for their purpose, i.e. as a mean to get in shape; as a mean to help me become more athletic; healthier and stronger and so I could learn to control my body.

I stopped working out in order to expend energy.

Nowadays I work out for pleasure and in order to be healthy. And exhausting yourself, destroying your health, has nothing to do with pleasure.

I learned to have a value for myself, that is independent from what I do. I.e. I have a value as a person, which has nothing to do with the fact if I am a basketball player, if I lift weights, if I am a financial manager or an executive director.

In the moment, when you understand what you are running from and what leaves the emptiness, which you are trying to fill in by working out or with another mania, will be the moment when you will find the balance!

Hi! For the past couple years, I’ve been trying to find a diet, that would fit my lifestyle, but it somehow does not work the way I wish it did. Diets which help me lose weight, usually have to do with a lot of deprivation and starvation. And this is really ruining my mind and my body. I am a follower of your Facebook page, and I see that you are achieving great progress, while eating delicious, nutritious food, i.e. you are not starving yourself. I’d like to try your diet, but I am afraid of eating so much fat. After all, carbs have les calories than fats. If I substitute carbs for fats, I think that I will ingest too many calories. Don’t you think?

This is a great question, because a lot of people have that fear. But in this case everything comes up to the fact, that a person does not eat for grams of food. People eat for calories, which could be available for the active tissues ( muscles and organs). That means that the higher the quality of the food you eat, the bigger the probability that you are giving your body what it needs in order to function properly.

A high-fat, low-carb diet, definitely consists of quality food, which provides your body with what it needs. This means that by following this diet, you won’t eat empty calories, which will just be stored as fat, while your body is starving and as a consequence you feel the constant need to eat.

Stop being slaves to numbers and learn to use food as fuel. Then, you will find out that by eating more red meat, eggs, fish and veggies, you feel satiety and energetic and you won’t have the hunger urges, that you are having right now, when carbs are present in abundance in your menu.

Usually food cravings have to do with some kind of a deficiency in your body. Diets, which are low in fat and high in carbs, usually lead to a lot of deficiencies.

Try limiting your carb intake, mainly to veggies and increase the fat intake, by eating more red meat and eggs with the yolks. You will notice the positives!

Can I eat a whole wheat bread? If not, why?

As you know I am not a fan of grains and I think that they do not have a place in a healthy diet. I will just say that they contain a lot of anti nutrients and that they are robbing your body, more than they are giving it something vital.

As a whole the difference between white flour and whole wheat flour is the fact that in the whole wheat flour, the husk of the grains is removed. And the husk is the one that absorbs all the toxins. But this does not remove the rest of the anti nutrients, that grains contain. To read in detail check out this, this and this.

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