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A picture of me before I started taking care of myself…in between…
Ines Subashka
…and today when healthy eating is a lifestyle!

Lately I receive a lot of messages from people, who ask me to recommend them a “quick diet”, which could help them lose weight! The other day a friend of mine even went further telling me “ Ines, I have a huge problem! The sister of my wife, just gave birth to her child and she gained a lot of weight! What pills would you recommend her, in order to lose weight, because she is not really keen on working out and following a nutrition plan!”

Truth is that if you are looking for quick diets… there are a bunch of them! They are really quick… the question is what direction they will send you! Unfortunately, no matter how much you wouldn’t want to hear it, these “quick diets” will take you everywhere, just not in the direction towards your more athletic body, toward a fitter and healthier you!

Have you noticed how “the laws”, which apply in one field of life, are applicable in all other fields? What helps you become successful in one field, usually is the base of success in your other initiatives!

The same is true for the way you approach your body, your diet and your workouts! It takes 12 years to graduate high school, 4-5 years to graduate college! It takes your whole life, to improve in your career  and year after year to grow and become better experts! Everything happens with accumulation! Two weeks of studying won’t guarantee you a prosperous career in the next 10 years!

In the same manner, two weeks on a diet, won’t guarantee you being fit and fabulous in the next 10 years! As it is with everything else in life, when it comes to workouts and nutrition, the principle of accumulation, the principle of being a lifestyle, something that you do on a daily basis and not just as a sporadic caprice, also plays a huge role!

Ask me for quick diets, but I won’t share with you such! And not because I am not helpful or responsive! Not because I wouldn’t want you to succeed in being fitter and healthier, but because I know that there isn’t such thing as a quick diet! You shouldn’t focus your attention and your effort on harnessing your will to diet for 10-15 days, lose some pounds and then go back to your old habits! You should harness your will, to change your habits and your understandings!

The other day I shared on my Facebook page, this thought by Dr.Ellis “You have to use biology and not willpower in order to succeed in your weight loss journey!”- Dr. Ellis

So true! Most people fool themselves that losing weight and being in shape is a matter of strong will, deprivation and torture and in reality it just takes knowledge- the knowledge how your body functions and why certain things work and other do not work! I’ve never achieved my body composition goals with more ease, than I do now, when I have the knowledge! I don’t pay so much effort as used to do in the past, because I am not focused on doing more work, but instead I am working smart!

I don’t search for quick diets anymore! I just eat real food! It sounds really like a summary, doesn’t it? It sounds kind of utopia, if we keep in mind what is your notion- that diets are equal to a lot of deprivation and starvation!

And I want to make you give healthy eating a try and eat real food. Without being slaves to rules and calculations! I want to help you realize that being in shape is the easiest thing in the world and that you are trying to do stuff, which are way more complicated than the right path to health!

Everything you need to do, in order to achieve the results you are aiming for is as follows:

Decide that this will be your lifestyle and that you won’t follow diets, which have “deadlines”. This will be the way you will eat forever! Because this is the food, which will make you feel good, energetic; the food which will give your body what it needs to function properly, and in return you will enjoy the way your body changes for the better!

Eat just real food, just when you are hungry!

Don’t eat out of boredom, or for entertainment… or because your soul is starving! Find other activities and use food for what is meant to be used- for fuel!

Don’t count, don’t measure! First of all do the simplest- clean your nutrition from all the junk and eat as much as you need from the real food!

You will be surprised how even though you are eating plenty of food, without depriving yourself, you will wake up every week leaner and better looking! Plus you will feel great!

Remember that “quick” usually leads to the longer path!

Where are you rushing for? You have your whole life to improve! You packed on the pounds for so many years and now you are willing to get rid of them in a month! It doesn’t happen that way! Just accept the truth and enjoy your journey to a fitter and healthier you… eat quality food and soon everything will fall in its place! Without the rush, without extremes!

And because most of you never believe me…. here is some food for thought!

The picture on the left is I when I was on a “quick diet”. And it is far from my worst picture, but I just couldn’t find another picture from this period ( I wonder why? 😉 ). And the picture on the right is I today, when I am not on a quick diet and when I am just eating real food!


Ines SubashkaInes7


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Ines Subashka

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