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Another food porn picture from my friend Ivan Ezgonzal G! 😉

Very often, people who read my blog and decide to try eating a high fat, low carb diet, claim that they can’t tolerate fats. Even some of my family members, who every now and then give my way of eating a try, usually quit in a couple days, because they say eating more fats makes them feel too full and they feel better without them!

That’s why today I decided to explain why it happens like this and I want to assure you that you won’t have a problem with eating more fats, as long as you don’t quit on the third day!

I guess that before you started including more fats in your diet, you were either on a low fat diet, or on a diet, consisting of “contemporary” foods, which are definitely not the best pick!

When you exclude a particular food from your diet and you don’t eat it for A LONG TIME, it is absolutely normal for your body to ( let’s say it this way) break of the habit of digesting it. And when you introduce it again in your diet, you will feel as if your body is refusing to digest it! Here I always think of people who don’t usually eat meat, but when they occasionally eat some, they insist on the fact that they feel bad and meet is not for them! Well, in case you hardly ever eat meet, it is understandable that you have a hard time digesting it!

Just think about it! For example in my case, when I was younger, I used to practice skiing for 6 years! Then, because of other sports I played, I gave up skiing and for the past 11 years I haven’t go skiing! If today I decide to go skiing, I can assure you that I will be terrible at it, but not because I can’t, but because I broke the habit of skiing! If I hold on, and I don’t quit right away, I will soon get better at it!

It is the same with eating and digesting food. If you keep in mind, that you’ve been avoiding fats for a long time, it is absolutely normal to have a hard time digesting them, when you first introduce them back to your diet! But it won’t be due to the fact that you can’t digest them, but because you broke the habit of digesting them!

And because I do not want it to sound like a rant, I will try explaining you why it happens like this! I just want to mention that when I say “eat fat” I am talking about the right kind of fats!

Let’s say that you decided to start eating a high fat, low carb diet. You are already eating more fats and you feel satiate! But you feel too full, and when you avoided eating fat you didn’t feel this way! Why?

When we keep in mind that until this moment, you ate in a way that excluded fats, now your gallbladder has to get back in action! What does that mean? Low fat diets don’t allow your gallbladder to do its job regularly- to produce bile ( a digestive juice, which helps in the digestion of fats). So the already produced bile will become viscous, and this has bad consequences. Besides the low fat diets, diets that include processed foods, also lead to a thick and viscous bile. This makes it hard for the gallbladder to squeeze out the bile, through the gallbladder duct. When the bile can’t get through, this interferes with the proper digestion of fats. That’s why when you initially include good fats in your diet, you have to be more patient, so you could give your gallbladder some time to start functioning properly!

Besides that in order for the gallbladder to produce bile, you should eat the right fats! When you eat fats, they go through the stomach into the small intestine, in the form of chyme. The fats in the chime stimulate the release of a hormone, which stimulates the gallbladder to produce bile. SO by slowly introducing fats into your diet, your body will get used to producing bile, which will help in the digestion of fats and everything will fall back into place!

So in case you just started eating fats, but you still don’t feel the best, don’t rush quitting the diet and claiming that it’s not for you! Give your body more time to get used to the “new introduction” and I promise you that you won’t be sorry!

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