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Kelly Klarich

“He was able to hear “no” a thousand times and still keep on communicating with himself in a way, that could sustain his desire to keep knocking on the next door, completely convinced that this time he might get a positive answer.”- Antony Robins

People often tell me that they envy my confidence. They say that if they were me, probably they would have reached their goals and they could live a life they actually loved.

Every time I hear this, it makes me smile… not because I am too self confident, but because they have no idea. They have no idea that I am not much different than them. I have the same fears, sometimes mine could be even bigger. I also have nights, when insecurity for the future and the longing for the unfulfilled  keep my eyes open and wouldn’t let me fall asleep… moments, when I feel so confused and lost, that I wonder what could have the power to get me back on the road…

The only difference between me and them is not in the feelings we go through, but in the way we communicate with ourselves. Always, in every single moment of my life, no matter what happened, I had the faith that that particular situation has a special meaning. That the situation is a piece of the puzzle, which I am searching for and a piece I need in order to put together the picture of my own life.

I have always been led by some kind of faith in my own abilities, which I couldn’t describe in words. Even in moments, when everybody else thought I was the  clumsiest, least capable person, I still felt an inner peace, that it is just a matter of time and a matter of actions, in order for the coin to flip on the other side…

People who lead the life they dream of weren’t born under a lucky star. They are not being favored by fate. They are just people of action. People who do not give up on what they want, until they hear the much longed “yes”.

People who are afraid, but still dare to act. They dare to taste the bitter taste of disappointments, to feel the smashing pain of everything falling apart and to feel the slapping of denial.

But I once read that “ a person couldn’t build anything, if he has previously got rid of the knowledge how to lay foundations, if he has forgotten the wounds of the falling objects in the process of building… and who would want to build, if he doesn’t know the pleasure to see something that has been built…”

In my life so far I have “built” a lot of times… and I was forced to become an eyewitness more than once… an eyewitness of everything falling apart. I was forced to eyewitness how hours, months and years of efforts and feelings were left under the ruins…

… and every time my heart was tearing apart, because deep inside I knew that the fault was mine… that I haven’t laid the good foundations.

And today I might seem confident in the eyes of some of you… but this is not because of the fact I don’t feel scared, but because I know “ the pleasure of seeing something build”. Because I have the faith… that I am capable of achieving everything. Because I know that imagination is not an utopia… that everything which is in my mind, has the potential to be materialized. I have faith that through acting I can give life to my imagination.

I believe that success leaves footprints and that even if the stories of successful men are different, they have one similar trait… all of them required ACTION!

Just think about it! Life goes on. No matter what. So we will for sure face the new day and we will for sure have countless opportunities. Which one is better… to act and fail, but still live with the feeling that we are searching… that we are chasing something meaningful… or to allow the fear to nail us in a torturing existence,  personificated  by inertness and dissatisfaction. In both cases it will hurt every now and then… but the first kind of pain is the price of our dreams, and the second one is the price of mediocrity.

If we have to pay for both… I will at least choose the reward that is worth it!

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