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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

It was a cold winter day, but as always she was walking along the sidewalks of the city. Nothing could seem dark or scary, when it was so deeply yearned- just the way she yearned for the stolen moments, when she was just by herself- alone with her thoughts and her imagination.

She was sloping down the snowy sidewalks, and her thoughts were trying to catch up with her pace. Her life was following her, like a good servant, and she was chatting with it in her mind.

She remembered the beginning of today and her new friend. It is funny how sometimes just one small neighborhood, might be the most spacious place, and people who live close to each other, could never get to meet… and then in a short glimpse of a moment, something happens. As if, until yesterday your presence in the neighborhood was invisible and suddenly, your soul gets materialized and impersonates in a body. A body which is now visible for the world and people around you.

Until yesterday, he was walking on the sidewalk and never noticed you, and this morning he was in captivity of your presence. Until now, he always passed by you- indifferent- and today it felt like something in your life was calling him to come closer and as if exactly today was the day when he was gonna turn from an accidental stranger into your best friend.

Analyzing life and the way situations take place, I always remember Steve Job’s words- “ you can only connect the dots backwards.” So true! Life is motion and if we look at it as static, through the prism of the present moment, what is happening might seem illogical.

What separates the moment when something happens and the true meaning that particular situation has in our life is time!

Time is what separates and what brings together; time is what obliterates the past and reveals the future.

When people meet each other and find out that they have a lot of mutual friends, they can’t stop repeating that the world is too small. But is it really too small?

The world is not small and it will never be. Just the acquaintances between us are a sequence of “fortuities”, which have been arranged log before. But it is far more thrilling when you do not expect something and it happen, than if you know, before hand, how things will work out at the end.

Probably my meet with you, with him or her was arranged long before this moment. Probably so long ago, that we forgot, that someday we will meet each other and that we will have the main role in the scene of our mutual life.

But life remembers and it never forgets. Fortuities are just the occasion! Fortuities are just the gentle way of fate to remind us, what we have forgotten.

Because people arrange themselves. Scattered all around the world, their deepest intentions, sacred desires and honest longings, always pull us towards places and people, who will help them go through the experiences they need.

They always pull them towards people who will teach them the lessons, which will prepare them for the next step… for the next great deed and the next challenge.

Because every fortuity meet is just an occasion- a occasion to “wake up” the questions, which will help us find the answer and the solution.

Because everyone we meet; everyone who passes by us on the street is not there by accident. Everybody who saw the ajar door of our life and gathered the courage to enter inside, doesn’t happen to be there by accident.

Every person who once used to be; who is presently here or who will someday be part of our life is a noticer  fate and life. “The noticer” who carries the answers of all the questions we ask ourselves in the nights when we can’t fall asleep; the mornings which we’d rather never come; the moments when we feel as if we can’t move on; the days when we wish that never started in first place.

Every meeting is valuable, because it hides what we need and it is completely up to us to notice it.

The neglecting attitude towards others is a neglectful attitude towards the self. Others are actually us. Others are a reflection of our own personality, needs and desires.

By acknowledging others and their importance in our own life, we acknowledge our own meaning, values and priorities.

People don’t come in our life by accident. They come, when we ask the right questions and when we ajar the door to our life in an anticipation for the notice and the answer he is carrying.

Every person, no matter if he seems evil or good, is present in our life, because we called him- with a thought, a desire, a longing.

What we do and think is an invitation to others. Days go by, years go by and people who we need, wander around the neighborhoods of our life, waiting for our call; waiting to hear that right now we are ready to hear what they have to say; that we are prepared enough to master the lesson, they will teach.

…because fortuities are just the occasion!


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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

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Ines Subashka

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