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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

There are days, when you turn to the past. You take a walk to the most distant corners of your soul, where you encounter the memory of yourself- you encounter the person you used to be in each phase of your life.

The person you used to be without the masks, without the fakeness. You get the opportunity to see yourself from the side and realize the change that took place in your personality, in the way you think and the sequence of situations that led to these changes.

There are days, when you are trapped in your mind, traveling around the past, encountering just your own self.

In such moments, you wish you had the opportunity to go back there, in the past, in the moments when it seemed like there is no hope; that all is lost; that your dreams are impossible.

You wish you could go back to those difficult moments and warn the person you used to be, that the present is right there, waiting for you- so it could offer you something better; something real.

The moments, when you wish you could return to the person you used to be and give him more confidence; to erase the fear from his mind; to wipe out the pain from his face or just cue him that in life everything comes up to patience.

Years ago, I read a sentence, which never leaves my mind. It said: “Grow where you were planted!”

Often times we let the desire and the ambition, to move our focus away from the present. We let the expectations for success in the future, to throw a shadow on the opportunities we have right now.

A lot of people stare at the top, towards those who have already reached the success, they would like to have for yourself and then go ahead and rush the situations; rush the life.

Success seems really tempting and everybody would love to see himself under the spotlights. What most people skip is the path to the “scene”. A path that is often times, accompanied by too much hard work, disappointments, trials and errors, betrayals.

People rarely realize what stands behind other people’s success- just because we are used to seeing just the glitter. We are used to seeing just what seems tempting to the mind and then be jealous, if we do not own it in our own life.

A  cliché, but a fact, few people would pay the price for the success of somebody they envy.

Nobody goes out there and talks about the days when everything went wrong; the days when nobody but you, have faith in you and your abilities; about the days when you go home destroyed, because everything is happening so slowly, and the time is constantly knocking on your door, reminding you  that with every breath you take, something is taking place or something is failing to happened, because of the choice you just made.

Very few people realize the truth behind “grow where you were planted.”

We want everything-immediately. We whine when we are supposed to start from the beginning, and we slander about people who are above us.

Just think literally for a seed, which you are planting. You always choose a smaller flowerpot – such a pot that will fit the flower’s present needs. You take care of it as much as it needs- you soil and water it just as much as it needs.

If you rush things and plant the seed in a huge flowerpot, when it starts growing, it will look ridiculous; it will look some kind of ugly, because it won’t be able to fill in the capacity of the pot.

Now refer this to your personality and the position you are in, at this stage of your life.

Every time you wish you could be somewhere, and immediately receive the maximum benefits, just give it a thought if your place is really there!

There is time and place for everything. But in order to feel good at the top, you should first go through each phase of your personal growth; you should first fill in the capacity on the lower step; where you should flourish to a level, when you will need more resources, which needs will move you on the upper step.

Thus, day after day, you will grow where you belong. Year after year, you will climb on the ladder of life; you will grow in personal and professional plan and the most important- on the path you will gather experience and wisdom, which guarantee you, that when you reach the top, you will manage to keep up with the demands of the position.

People often fail, because they rush way too much; because they try to get ahead of the speed of their growth and thus, they get to a place, where they could not carry the burden.

Every phase of our life; of our career, requires some kind of responsibilities.

A person gets what he can be responsible for.

So instead of rushing your life, turn to your own self. Take a look, where you are in a matter of your personal growth; what you should work on. Then supply yourself with the resources, with which you will work on enriching your personality.

The moment when you are ready… the moment, when the flowerpot is being filled in, will be the moment when you are ready to go onto the next step… the moment to plant yourself on a more spacious place, which offers you other responsibilities, and the opportunities will come.

Everybody has his own path and his own pace. No matter what you do, do not rush life and do not skip each phase of your personal growth- because even if you each faster to the top, you will raze down quickly and return to the first position.

The meaning in life is not merely reaching the top! The meaning is to possess the qualities, that guarantee we will stick there, when we reach the top!


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Ines Subashka

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  1. Aqilah

    Excellent post Ines. Can totally relate to rushing through life and not taking time to appreciate the bits and pieces of personal growth. Thanks for this! 🙂

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