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Инес Субашка-Ines Subashka

I was thinking about the life most people lead. I was thinking about the hypnotic way they live and the monotony of their days, where they lose their true self and where they bury their true desires and interests.

Since we are kids, society is trying to do the impossible, to take away each drop of uniqueness and desire for self-realization. Society does the impossible, in order to make us believe in the predestined iteration of life and to make us feel as if we hit a dead end.

Some of us resist the notion, others are pretty quick to allow their remodeling by the “tool” of the common sense.

Thus, the life of many, goes by not in a try to reveal their own uniqueness, their own abilities and then realize them, but just , day after day, they reaffirm the description of the world, that elder people made us believe in.

Most people spend their lives, taking from each day, just what is gonna strengthen the conviction that life is hard, unfair; that people are evil; that success is an utopia and achievements aren’t a fruit of hard work and persistence, but a coincidence, which is a privilege of “the chosen once”.

Every day is predestined to be cursed by putting up with “the facts”, which describe the world, as an evil and unpleasant place to be. Even before we get out of bed, we are already convinced that today has prepared a bunch of obstacles for us, which will just make our difficult life even more complicated.

A lot of people wake up every day, setting the bar too low, and just reaffirming their identity and lack of consciousness. Day after day, they are not looking for personal growth, self- realization and they do not feel the need to discover the infinite world of abundance, that life is offering them.

Just the opposite! They are pretty quick to put up with the inability to be more, to have more and every day is just another proof, that their notion about life, as unfair and evil is the only truth and the only secure thing in this world.

Well, I am here to remind you, that life has another face; and that just like it is with people, in the same manner life reveals, what you allow it to reveal.

Just like it is with communication between people, and everybody is just a reflection of your own mood- when you are positive and smiling, other people behave the same way… when you are frowning and mad, you are forced to face the same moods in other people.

Life isn’t much different. Life is the sum of our inner separateness or our inner, realized wholeness.

And I am here to remind you that day after day you should believe in life and trust what it has planned for you.

Just like you approach with endless trust, people who you like.

Just think about it! When you have faith in somebody, he always has a stimuli and the desire to give his best in order to justify your expectations.

In the cases, when you are constantly doubting the person against you, he usually doesn’t have a choice, but to be secretive, to be kind of egoistic towards his ability to help you and to lack the inner motivation to show his best efforts in your presence.

Life is just the same! It is generous to those who trust it and a huge miser towards those that are constantly doubting it.

And I am here to show you the other face of life. Where every morning you should wake up, not with the desire to reaffirm yourself as part of the “herd”, but filled with the desire to reinvent yourself- in each moment.  You should have the braveness to take a peek in the infinite opportunities that life gives us, and then dedicate yourself to the mission, to work hard on a daily basis and inspire more people to get free from the tyrannical chains of monotony and then go after their greatness.

Because in the moment when you accept other people’s description about the world, you are giving your strength away. Day after day you start existing, just to justify your mediocre life and your refusal to take control over what is happening.


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Инес Субашка-Ines Subashka

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Ines Subashka

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