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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

She was trying to hide from life, lying low in a corner. But you couldn’t hide from life, because it was everywhere and in everything.

And it was laying wait for you to hide, to feel the illusive security of your shelter and just when you make your mind easy, it overtakes you. It surprised you unprepared and it made you stand face to face with your biggest fears.

The intensity of the pain is proportional to our huge sanity and our refusal to be patient. And I do not mean the impassive waiting, expressed by the defeating conciliation and refusal from being.

When I am talking about patience, I mean your ability to give some time to all good things, that are headed in your direction. Because in the moment when you really want something, when you really free some space for it in your life and when you are able to carry responsibility for its possession, it starts heading your way! And it is just a matter of time to meet each other.

Seems as if people forgot the charm of expectation. The charm of not receiving everything immediately. There is some kind of satisfaction in patience. Like the pages of a book, life unfolds day after day, and what give it charm and what brings satisfaction is exactly the thrill, born out of the unknown- out of what is waiting for us on the next page (day).

Life is like books- where each situation, no matter how complicated and illogical it seems, at the end it always allays in some kind of a model. Life has direction and meaning, but in order for us to establish them, we are supposed to master the art of the slow and patient walking, not the passive and nervous waiting.

Expectation is what gives power to what’s happening. Every word, every action, carries a number of images, notions about things, that you know nothing about.

Expectation is what gives us the opportunity to become an eyewitness of the slow accumulation of meaning; the opportunity to be a creator of your own reality, by giving it objective existence.

Expectation is the “teaser”, which provokes your imagination, your longing, your desire and the assisting passion and inspiration to act and to create.

Because in life, we encounter the materialization of our imagination and our notion about the world. Because before we are able to see something in our own reality, we should first assume its existence in the world of our own mind.

After all, isn’t it exactly like that? Isn’t the mind, the place where all dreams are born, and action- the door, that reveals the path, so they can happen and become our reality?

I go outside and I see hundreds of people- who forgot the pleasure of the journey itself, the longing for achieving, not just the longing for arriving.

Life is a process and that’s where its meaning is hiding- to be here and now in each moment of happening, and not artificially, through our mind to teleport in the moment of the end goal- the moment of possession.

The value is not in having, but in being. Not possessing but creating.

And patience is the key element. Something like the match, that fires action and wakes up creativity. Something like the guarantee, that with enough intention, constant action, day after day we are moving on the chess board of life, where we inevitably encounter those we deserve to meet and those we freed some space for.

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Ines Subashka

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