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One picture from my beautiful day- yesterday :)
One picture from my beautiful day- yesterday 🙂

She was walking through the corridors of life, where just like books in a library, on the “shelves”, thousands of human lives were arranged. Each one of them had a cover… his own face and his own “headline”.

Sometimes it is strange, how among so many books, there is just one, which is attracting you and you can’t take it out of your thoughts. At first sight, it looks nothing different from the other books, but somehow you know that there is something different about it.

As if, in the silent moment, you hear how it is mildly calling you and hinting you that among its pages, there is something that you need.Something, that will give you the answers to all the questions you are asking- the questions that keep you awake in evenings like the one before… those questions that poke you early in the morning and make you open your eyes, even before the day has awaken.

Life is a sequence of questions and the answers that come. Answers, which are hidden in the experience, disappointment, hope, love, hate…in everything we go through.

Some time ago, a person told me that answers come when we ask the right question. And probably this is the problem, most people should face. The lack of a clear goal; the lack of the understanding what they need in order to direct their lives in the direction they want.

I love reading books. I’ve noticed that they somehow always find me. Always in the right moment. Always when I manage to formulate the right question, for what I’d like to understand- and right on that moment, from the shelves of my home library or from the bookstore shelves, the right book is mildly calling me. I turn the pages and I emerge in a different, arranged world. Where if you read just the beginning and the end of the story, you will be perplexed how is it possible for the initial act, to take the book characters to the end result.

Doesn’t that resemble life? Where if you knew just the beginning and the end of a story, a bunch of questions pop up and you never seem to match them with a logical answer.

And in reality, what is written in the pages between the beginning and the end… the pages one by one, slowly, surely and logically lead to the particular end.

…where day after day, actions and choices we make, slowly, surely and logically lead us to the end of the story.

She was walking through the corridors of life, passing by hundreds of people. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the stranger, among the crowd. The one who is looking for you, in order to offer you the answer that kept you awake…the other night, the one that made you open your eyes… even before the day has awakened.

I was thinking how sometimes we burden people with our expectations. Expectations that they couldn’t meet. How we give more value to people from the past, while neglecting those that are around us in the present, and those who are mildly calling for us, in order to offer what we seek for.

Some time ago, I realized that I should free people of my own expectations. That I should realize that the only person, who I have the right to burden with expectations is my own self. Because everybody else is not my possession. Some of them come in my life, in order to give me a quick answer to a question I have and give me the initial boost to walk forward on the path of life, I’ve chosen.

Just like books… there are some who can satisfy your need to learn something right now, but then it is pointless to come back to them. You should look around for other books, which could answer your questions now, in the present moment.

There are people, who seem to be like a mirror of you. People who will probably walk by your side to the end of your life, just because deep in themselves, they have the answer to each question you could ask.

Just like books… the ones that are always on my night drawer. The once that I reread every evening; which pages I’ve turned a hundred times, but I never get bored reading them and getting lost in the words.

The same lines… and every time I learn something new. Every time I see the deeper meaning. The more I grow, the more I manage to take out from the words- the same words that I read yesterday, last week, last month and last year. Books that seem to reflect the journey of my own personality towards a deeper understanding of life, of my own self and other people.

Well, there are such people. Time doesn’t change their value…or actually it does, because with every passing day, they become more precious and closer.

I am not quite sure what I wanted to tell you… but I just wanted to remind you, that you shouldn’t burden other people with your expectations and you should set yourself free from the disappointments and the negative emotions, which expectations for other people bring. Just remember that in each moment of your life, you will be surrounded by people who carry the answers to the questions you are asking right now.

And if people around you, are not the kind of people you want to have in your life… don’t look for the fault in them. Work on yourself and the person you are. The more you grow, the more meaningful things will thrill you and the more meaningful questions you will ask… and then come the wonderful people, who will carry the answers and who will stimulate you to walk forward- faster, more confident and with the feeling of sharedness, that the stranger in the crowd, was mildly calling you, because he knew you were looking for him.

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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

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