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Записването е успешно

Тhe view through my window :))

“Failure and defeat are temporary experience…”

Yesterday I came back home. I had a desire to write a couple posts for later this week, but I felt exhausted. Sometimes I also have moments, when exhaustion, weighs on my shoulders and I feel as if I have no strength to do anything… and I decided not to do anything! I picked up my favorite music to vocalize the silence of my evening, and I sunk into contemplation! At first sight, I spend a completely purposeless night, which turned out to be far from aimless!

All the memories, all the balance- “sheets”, that I made, reminded me how much I have changed… or at least how much my view for life and all the experiences that accompany it, has changed!

I made the conclusion, that sometimes we are stubborn students… and life has no choice, but to “cure” us from that stubbornness through disappointments! At times, my mind was overtook by memories, which made me feel weird… memories, which took me back, to periods of my life, when my heart was frozen with indecision and fear has settled in my soul! Moments, that I looked myself in the mirror, and in the reflection I saw a person filled with dissatisfaction, insecurity, pain and conquered by the illusionary reality!

Then, I suddenly came back here… in the present moment and I felt some kind of relief… relief from the fact that no future defeat, could have the strength to hurt me as deep as the disappointments from the past! You will ask why? Because I don’t live in an illusion anymore! Because I am not afraid to look at the situations as they are! Because I don’t feel the need to run from myself and what is happening in my life, by twisting the reality…

Because I already know that in life I will encounter unexpected, temporary failures, but I will never allow myself to accept them as a final defeat!

Because I already know that every day, hides lessons, which I am supposed to learn! And if I am “present” enough in the moment, I will have the opportunity to recognize them and learn them, while the lessons are still pleasant and not obtrusive! Because every day, when we refuse to learn our lesson, we can be sure that “tomorrow” will offer it again, but this time it will force us to learn it with the price of a lot more efforts and suffering!

Because in contradiction with the common belief, that life is unfair and cruel, I realized that life is beautiful and that it gives an opportunity to everybody to walk the path, that will take him to the desired goal. But unfortunately more often than not, people, who have clenched in their “knowledge” of which is the right path, that will lead them to success, somehow miss the right one and get lost walking on thorny roads!

Because people, fond of their image of victims, miss realizing that failures, in reality are something like road signs to success… road signs, which remind us that we are walking on the wrong path and that if we really want to achieve our goals we should take a turn!

… then I said to myself again, that nothing in the future could hurt me as much, as my past disappointments… because connecting the dots backwards, I see that exactly these sudden changes in my life, are the “power”, which has returned me on the right path, every time when I allowed myself to divert!

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