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“To call yourself soul soared, means to fancy yourself, that you are something better, something mighty and something more valuable, than other people. Those who are truly soul soared, don’t point it out… they just love people and life. They don’t call Life- God, don’t put names on Love… they just give away their love, unnoticeably!”

Lately I’ve noticed the tendency, that a lot of people “consider themselves soul soared”. They nag others how unenlightened they are, how big is the precipice between where they are, and where others stand.

At times I wonder if these people, really realize that in reality they are far from “soul soared” and that at times,  people that they look on with condescension, are actually on the upper stair of their self development, than those who consider themselves enlightened?

Why do I think so? Because in my opinion, just the fact that a person is fooling himself, that he is more than others, is a sign of being unconscious and unenlightened! This is just another showoff the ego-its desire to have power; desire to dominate; to compete with others and stand above them!

Truly soul soared people, will never nag you that you are standing below them when it comes to yourself development path!

Truly soul soared people, will never act over-hasty and will never try to constrain you, to walk faster on your path and become somebody, that you are yet not ready to become!

Being over-hasty and being too pushy on people, to climb one step higher, does not come from your true understanding about the inner path, which people truly want to walk in the search of their own truth! It comes more from your ego- from its desire to show off and to feed with the feeling that it is more, than people who surround you and that it “knows” the right way!

Yes, in life you will meet people, who are yet not at the stage of self development, that you are! But this does not make them inferior, unworthy or something less than you are! You became elated way too fast! Don’t you remember that just a while ago, you were right where those people are? Blind for reality, living in illusion, fed by the fear of your ego to be left alone- without audience, in front of which it could prove its value; without audience in front of which it could play the role of a victim!

Sometimes you, as well as I, will meet people, who haven’t yet learned and realized, what we’ve already became conscious about! But I do never let myself look with pity on these people and fancy myself that “the precipice between me and them is huge”. Just the contrary!  In their lives I see some of the problems that I was supposed to face and overcome! Then, I go back to the past and I try to remember what I needed back then and how would I have wanted people who were more soul soared to treat me! I try to remember how somebody managed to direct me in the right direction! Which has nothing to do with grabbing somebody’s hand and trailing him, fooling yourself that you are helping him on the path of self-development!

Usually, a person needs to go back to the root of his problem; to find the “seed”, which gave birth to the problem. Just then, a person could find a solution and feel ready to free his life from the desire to be a victim; from the desire to feel pain and from the unconscious desire to suffer in order to drag attention!

Just give it a thought! How did you get to the stage of self-development where you are standing today? You got there by walking on your own broken road- a road, which was hiding bumps and traps, which were “swallowing” every sparkle of happiness and beauty in life and just left you walk alone on the dark street… until the next cross-street, where you thought you will have another path, but you were left disappointed, by the fact that it was a stalemate and that you have to keep going in the darkness!

You overcame failure after failure; you made mistake after mistake, while you were walking on the dark road of your life, searching for the light. And then…in a short moment, when you got tired of suffering, tired of being the victim, you realized that the life of a person is like a window….the light comes from within and the darker it is on the outside, the brighter it seems to be the light coming from the inside! Then, you realized that everything you search for is inside of you and that if you want to see the beauty in life, you should first turn to your inner world and lighten the dark road in front of you!

Truth is that even if you are fooling yourself, that you know how to help others walk on their path faster,, YOU ARE WRONG! This way you are just robbing them from their strength and from the true possibility to grow! Because mistakes we made and suffering is what gathers… and in a moment it becomes too much to bear and it pours… then it will free some space for really valuable things and then comes the moment to climb one step higher, where we are already more conscious, free and happy!

But do not fancy yourself that you are more than others! Treat those who are “climbing behind you”, as you would want those who are “walking in front of you” to treat you! Because support, not over-hasty is the only way to help others!

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