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1.To become stronger

How many women do you know that have such goals? Most want to become skinny ( whatever that means); to fit in last summer’s jeans or to just “tone” their body.

Well, as you know the only right path towards the goals, is in first place to have a clearly defined goal. And usually, behind the desire to achieve that goal, you should have a deeper meaning. Goals, which are based on the latest trend, are a guarantee for failure.

When you set clear, defined goals, that’s when you could find the proper methods to achieve them

You can not imagine how easy it would be for women to achieve the dreamed body, if their goal was to become stronger. The appearance which accompanies the function is unbelievable.

When you focus on challenging your body and discovering what it is capable of doing, I guarantee you that you will be really satisfied with your results. As well as, by the way you will look and by finding out the limitless abilities you have.

When you set the goal to become stronger, there is a bigger chance to pick up the proper training method. In order to become stronger you should either train with weights or master some harder body weight progressions. In both cases, you will achieve great results and a fit body!

So, the first change in your mindset should be in this direction! You should start thriving to become stronger!

2.Quit starving

What is the first association most people make, when they hear about getting fitter? Starving! Usually I do not pay attention to what other people say, but every now and then I get annoyed by the comments in the grocery shop. Every time I buy veggies, the question is “ You must eat just veggies, in order to look like this, right?”

I am sorry to disappoint you, but muscles do not grow on veggies.

Not starving yourself is the key to a beautiful, athletic body, but the key is eating.  Eating the appropriate foods. You already know what I mean by “appropriate food”, but even if your understandings do not fit everything I recommend, my advice is to always eat just real food! Without modern, junk foods!

This way I guarantee you that you will feel satiety and you will notice how your body is getting fitter with every passing week!

During the past Easter holidays, I was thinking that the day I decided to quit on all processed foods and stick to clean, real food choices, was the day I took one of the best decisions in my life.

From the side it might seem like pure madness, but trust me- the courage to do it is so worth it!

3.Give up the thought of getting a six pack, by doing a bunch of sit ups

Back in the days, that is what I was thinking as well. When I was a basketball player, I would go back home every evening and complete 1000 sit ups. Oh, my! I am feeling sorry for my past self! SO much effort without absolutely no retrievement.

Eat all the donuts, the diet bars, drink diet cokes and do sit ups. The nice, shredded six pack will be constantly with you- in your thoughts and imagination!

Here and HERE I wrote more about getting a six pack, some of the common myths and the right way to train your core. Read them!

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4.Give up on the thought that a fit body, is achieved by countless hours of running

Ok, we are not talking about sprints. What most people mean by “running”, in my opinion is some kind of a pointless adding up of kilometers, in the tempo of a turtle.

In my opinion, most of people who are trying to get in shape with running, are just making it worse, because either running technique is terrible. They swing their legs in all directions, which is really ruining the health of your body.

Women want to have well shaped legs and butts, but in the same time they run, dragging their feet, without ever activating adequately the muscles, they are trying to strengthen.

Run for an hour…It’s your choice! But you will have so much more results if you just take 45 minutes to strength train!

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5.Give up the thought that an effective workout is an equivalent to “I don’t have the strength to drag myself out of the gym!”

Just because at the end of the training session you have the strength to get to your car actually walking, without wondering if you are gonna pass out on the way, doesn’t mean that you haven’t trained enough.

In our community, it is deeply believed that in order to achieve something you should make a huge amount of work. That’s what I used to think and back then my results were “enchained” in an enchanted circle, where I had progress, then I shattered down in failure.

In reality, the key to success in everything you do, is not in the pointless, huge amount of effort you make, but in the balanced efforts, directed in the appropriate direction.  You should work smart, not much. Working, just for the sake of it, is just taking you away, further from your goals!

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