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54 Things Worth Reading

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Една снимка от разходката ми вчера :)
A picture from my walk in the woods 🙂

How was your week? Mine was great and really productive. I love this time of the year. I feel great and my strength is back. Even though I am born in summer, summer isn’t my season. I am preparing some great articles and interviews, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Meanwhile eat good during the weekend, move more and read my favorite reads for the week. (more…)

My New Favorite Exercise for Strong and Defined Abs! Check It Out!

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Image source:

It’s time to share with you, one of my new favorite core exercises. Limiting the benefits of this exercise, just to the trivial notion, that it will help you improve your six pack, would be ridiculous.

This exercise could once again fall in the category of stabilization movements and it is the perfect add on to your training program. As always, I won’t skip telling you that if I had to sum up in one sentence which are the movements that an average person should emphasize on in the gym, I’d say this: “ People need more pulling movements, more stabilizing movements and more exercises for their posterior chain.”

The exercise that I am going to share with you today, was (more…)

There Are Moments When Life Stays Silent… Insulted!

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Ines-Subashka-lИнес Субашка
And one picture from yesterday :))

There are moments, when life is silent. It doesn’t utter a sound. Insulted by the neglecting behavior towards itself, by the never ending offensive words thrown at it.

Six milliard people… and all of them are always dissatisfied. Everybody always find a reason to reproach it, a reason to call its names. But see, life is so fragile. Like a crystal cup- which most of us kick, walking on the path.

We treat life as a useless item. Every day we throw at it- offensive words, untold thoughts and unexperienced feelings. We blame it for all of our disappointments and each adversity. And life endures it all… it manages it somehow and bears each hit.

It acts it strong and reality life is so fragile…like a crystal cup. Every light hit, is immediately being stamped on its surface. Each scratch is left to remind you for the moment of neglecting,  rude attitude and carelessness.

Life bears it all… for long enough. Like a true servant, it bears the constantly changing moods, the unclear feelings and perplexed thoughts of its master. It endures, but life doesn’t forget.

There comes a day when everything shatters in pieces… (more…)

46 Things Worth Reading

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Ines Subashka

It’s time for my favorite reads! How was your week? Mine was great. I am feeling excited that I am back in the gym after the flu and it feels great to move something heavy.

Be good during the weekend. Eat clean and move more. Meanwhile read my favorite reads for the week.

First, (more…)

Q&A: How Do I Cope with the Feeling of Guilt When I Can't Work Out and How Much Does It Take To See Results with My Nutrition Approach?

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Hey, Ines. How do you cope with the feeling of guilt, when you are sick and you can not work out?

And is it true, that if you do not work out for 2-3 weeks, everything you’ve previously accomplished will go to waste and you will have to start from scratch?

This thought wouldn’t leave me in peace, now that I’ve been sick for a week and I have absolutely no strength to work out! (more…)

The Truth about Grains! Why They Make You Sick?

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In the past I used to write a lot about grains- why the best thing you could do for your health, is quit eating them and how in reality everything that you hear on a daily basis about “the health benefits” of eating grains is totally wrong.

Lately, I receive a lot of messages from people, who tell me how I am wrong about grains. Obviously all of them have one favorite argument- “how people have survived for thousand years, eating mainly grains”; “how my grandma or my great grandma ate mainly grain products, but they are healthier, than people nowadays and so forth.”

And tell you the truth, you are right- about the fact that my grandma and my great grandma ate grains and they are still healthy. Actually, my great grandma was 90 years old, when she used to do a couple sets of push-ups on the window parapet, every single morning. And she definitely loved eating grains and bread.

But there is one problem, which hides the key to the enigma- why they ate like that and they still managed to stay healthy, and why if you keep on eating grains, you won’t be able to enjoy active adulthood and you will be forced to “meet” a lot of diseases, while you are still younger.

The problem is that bread and biscuits, that you eat today, have nothing to do with bread and biscuits that your grandma cooked. Yes, they might look identically- they might have a similar shape, taste, smell, but unfortunately they are completely different in their structure. If your great grandma’s biscuits gave you energy and a positive mood, the biscuits you are eating now, are only getting you closer to the hospital.

Even though at first sight they look the same, foods made from modern wheat and those from 60 years ago, are tremendously different when it comes to biochemistry.

Even really (more…)

Where Did My Curiosity Take Me?

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Sometimes I walk on the sidewalk and I get to a crossroad. Then I stop and wonder which direction should I take. Which path to walk on and what is waiting for me there. If I am gonna meet somebody who I look for or if I will be lucky enough to blow over with somebody I am running from.

To make one decision or another. It is always the same thing. What will be the sequence of situations that will follow one of the decisions, and what will be the sequence that will follow the other decision? Just questions, which make the choice even harder and which give more weight to your own hesitation and doubt.

I was driving on my favorite street in an early, Saturday morning. I was once again thinking how life is something like an coordinate system. All of the possible alternatives for our life are marked on it with small dots. Each choice varies from one extreme to another… from (more…)

Raw Pistachio- Avocado Pudding

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I really love eating avocados. Besides that they make for a great dessert, when you combine them with some other ingredients. Today I will suggest you another great recipe for raw avocado pudding.

Ingredients: (more…)

47 Things Worth Reading

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Check out my favorite reads for the week. There are some great information, so it is really worth taking the time to go through the list.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget that your rest days are not meant to be filled with junk food and laziness. Instead eat clean and go for a walk.

First, (more…)

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I am a ‘something-searcher person” and I have devoted my life to the mission to reveal myself, to improve, to collect the pieces of puzzle in my own nature, so that to give and to receive from life as much as possible. My Life is history, full of broken dreams, falls, disappointments and finally achieved awareness, that it all depends on me and that each opportunity can be a materialized reality. We only have to think and act in a way, which will lead us on the road to its implementation. The most valuable resources we have are our time and health, and our Body is the instrument, through which we use them, to crate the world we live in. I dedicated my life to share myself, the wisdom and experience, which had left after the mistakes I had done. I am doing this in order to help people find their way, which will let them “’reinvent”’ themselves, to restore their health, confidence and trust for life. I wish they could realize their own potential. Training is rehearsal for the life itself; this is the place, where on a few square meters in the IFS you can experience each of the possible sensations- triumph, fall, disappointment, hope, will, weakness, and most of all power. The place, where in “monitoring conditions”” you can remind your body how to move correctly, how to work in your interest. Everything I have tried to achieve through IFS and the trainings is to help people bring back their consciousness, health and freedom to be who they are-without doubting. I have given myself time to re-build and to re-invent myself! Give yourself time as well. Come and train with us in IFS!