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Paleo, Bacon-Avocado Rolls

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People often complain, that they can not eat healthy, because they get bored eating the same thing over again. Personally I do not have a problem, with eating the same meals every day, because I gave up the notion of food being my main source of entertainment. But still, if you need some kind of a variety in your meals, you don’t need to reach for junk food. Just fool your mind, by preparing something with the usual food products, but just in a different meal. here is one delicious suggestion!


47 ThingsWorth Reading

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How was your week? Mine was great. I am so happy with what I do and people I get to meet. It is wonderful, when you get the chance to be around motivated, inspiring people, on a daily basis.

Hope that you are surrounded with great people, as well and that you use your time, to be involved in activities you love.

Take the time for a walk during the weekend, eat clean and meanwhile read my favorite reads for the week.

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Q&A: Why You Feel Fat on a Low Carb Diet and Could You Eat Fats If You have High Cholesterol?

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How is your week? Mine is wonderful! I am meeting more great people and I am really excited to have them in my life. they somehow make me feel complete and enrich my personality!

Thank you for all your messages. I decided to answer the questions why you feel fat, when you start a HFLC diet; could you eat fats if you have high cholesterol and why do I eat avocados.

Here are my answers. I’d love to read your opinion, so share it in the comments below. (more…)

What Happened with My Training and How That Influenced My Health and Appearance?

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Last week, I promised you that I will share with you how and why I’ve been training lately. During the last 11-12 years, working out has always been kind of the main part of my day. I’ve spent around 9 years of my life, working out twice a day, every day, and sometimes even more than twice a day. I’ve hurt my body so much, I’ve exhausted it more than once, in the desperate tries to become stronger, more athletic or just in order to lose some weight.

During the last  2-3 years, my knowledge about working out and nutrition has taken a turn. Initially it took me a lot of effort, to start working out just once a day. Then, it was hard to include one rest day a week. Gradually I began working out 5 times a week and rest for two days.

It turned out, that when workouts are (more…)

A Letter to Those Who Disappointed Me…

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I constantly take the time to observe people. I do not gaze at them. I am not observing them with my eyes… I am observing them with my mind. As you know, I think that the world of each one of us, is a direct reflection of who we are. I am convinced that people I meet, more often than not are a projection of myself. They give me an opportunity to see myself from the side. Through them, I have the opportunity to discover my inner masks; the wekanesses which I’ve “dressed” in denial; the fears, which I covered with estrangement.

I take enough time for every person and I give everybody a significant place in my life. The more I ask myself why do I meet particular people and what is the common thing between me and them, what is their role and what are they trying to show me, the easier (more…)

40 Things Worth Reading

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It’s time for the big reading. This week I read some great articles so I can’t wait to share them with you. If you have some time do not forget to share with me some of your favorite reads this week. You know that I love reading, so give me some more “food for the brain”.

First, (more…)

Kiril Raykov: The Person for Whom Limitations Do Not Exist

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Kiril Raykov

Ines Subashka: How did you get involved in sports and to be more accurate with basketball?

Kiril Raykov: Before I started practicing basketball, while I was still in kindergarten, my family and I used to live in Vratza ( a city in Bulgaria). My dad was in the military and he was serving there. My mom took me to a dancing class. When I was in first grade,my mother’s dream was to become a musician and as you could guess I was in a musician class, where I used to sing in choir and played the piano. ( Laughing) In fourth grade a really tall man, came in the classroom. I and one of my friends were the tallest, so he spot us immediately. He took a basketball out of his bag and “invited” us. Right in that moment, when I smelled the basketball I forgot about the piano and my career of a musician.  This was 16 years ago, and the tall man is George Velchev. Since that moment I’ve been true to the “orange  ball”.

IS: What motivates you to wake up every morning and face another day, filled with the enthusiasm and the goal orientation you demonstrate in everything you do?

KR: For me, the most important thing in life is to have inner drive and motivation. The irritators in the world around, such as money, material benefits or what other people think of you, are misleading.  If you do no thave an inner spark, which could lead you towards your goal and if you are not dedicated to what you do, you are lost!

(Don’t forget to join Kiril’s Facebook Page, where you could follow him)

Kiril Raykov

IS: Nowadays, most people seem as if they gave up living and just keep on existing. What is it inside of you, that keeps the spark burning, gives you strength to dream and never give up, in the name of doing only the things you love?

KR: (more…)

Q&A: Everything about Running and Walking with Ankle Weights

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Ashley Horner
Ashley Horner

How is your week? I am pretty happy, that I finally feel rested and I can be back to working out the way I know. 😉 Next week I will share with you what I did with my workouts during the last month and a half and some of the conclusions I made for myself.

This week I chose to answer the questions about running and walking with ankle weights and if hip thrusters are appropriate for a main lower body movement. Here is my opinion. I’d be glad to read yours, so leave your comments below! (more…)

One More UNIQUE Exercise for Strong, Sexy Glutes

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As you know I love hip thrusters( check out HERE). In my opinion this is one of the best exercises, you could do, in order to make your posterior chain stronger. But still, as each bilateral movement, hip thrusters, “allow” some cheating, by compensating for the imbalance between both legs, pushing more out of the stronger leg.

Personally, I have an imbalance between my left and right leg. My left leg is weaker, so I am emphasizing a lot on unilateral movements. One of the exercises, that I’ve been including lately, are one legged hip thrusters. Unique movement. It seems like a waste of time, but just as every other exercise, which looks easy from the sidelines, in reality it turns out really demanding when you go ahead and try it yourself.

My first  experience with one legged hip thrusts was just another hit for my ego! 😉 I usually do bilateral hip thrusts, with 70-90kg., so I decided that I will do well with 40kg. on the single leg hip thrusts.

Well, my tries went like this: (more…)

The Future: My Rescue!

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I read a lot, and I remember a little. But still, there are some lines, that have been “stamped” in my mind and which I have been constantly repeating to myself. I apply something like a self-cure of my mind. I do it in order to keep my peace and optimism save. I do it in order to guarantee myself, that I will have a clear vision on the situation and that I won’t “spice” it up with emotions from the past or the longing for the future.

One of the lines, I’ve been repeating to myself is “If you are sad, you are either in the past or in the future, but never present. Never here!”

That’s so true! Just give it a though. There is no way to be present in the moment, to observe what is happening now and still feel disappointed. The only way, for a negative emotion to be born is if you give the present situation, a meaning, that you used to give to a similar situation in your past. The other option is to compare what is happening now, with a pre-build imagination or an expectation for the future.

This is the only thing, that could bring you sadness.

A lot of people, look on the future, as a rescue. We hope that when we achieve or receive something in a future moment, all our problems will disappear. And after all, we achieve what we want and we get what we dreamed of…. But we are still left empty and disappointed. The future by itself is not a rescue. The future is (more…)

Delicious Fruit Kebabs

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As I’ve said a billion times, nothing could make for a better dessert, than real, fresh fruit. I found this recipe and I adapted it a little bit to my taste and understandings of healthy. If you wonder what you could prepare for a treat, for some kind of occasion, I think this should be your choice. Easy but delicious!

Ingredients: (more…)

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I am a ‘something-searcher person” and I have devoted my life to the mission to reveal myself, to improve, to collect the pieces of puzzle in my own nature, so that to give and to receive from life as much as possible. My Life is history, full of broken dreams, falls, disappointments and finally achieved awareness, that it all depends on me and that each opportunity can be a materialized reality. We only have to think and act in a way, which will lead us on the road to its implementation. The most valuable resources we have are our time and health, and our Body is the instrument, through which we use them, to crate the world we live in. I dedicated my life to share myself, the wisdom and experience, which had left after the mistakes I had done. I am doing this in order to help people find their way, which will let them “’reinvent”’ themselves, to restore their health, confidence and trust for life. I wish they could realize their own potential. Training is rehearsal for the life itself; this is the place, where on a few square meters in the IFS you can experience each of the possible sensations- triumph, fall, disappointment, hope, will, weakness, and most of all power. The place, where in “monitoring conditions”” you can remind your body how to move correctly, how to work in your interest. Everything I have tried to achieve through IFS and the trainings is to help people bring back their consciousness, health and freedom to be who they are-without doubting. I have given myself time to re-build and to re-invent myself! Give yourself time as well. Come and train with us in IFS!