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Some time ago Dean Somerset posted one of his articles Stop Doing These 5 Exercises, I’d Really Appreciate It”. Tell you the truth I really love the idea of this article, so I decided to write three exercises that I would be really thankful, if you stop doing them.

Tonight while one of my clients was stretching after his work out, I threw a glance at what other were doing in the gym, and I really got some “inspiration” for this post. Sometimes I really wonder how is it possible in the “century of information” to be crowded of so many uninformed or most accurately said uninterested individuals. When I see somebody doing a bicep curl, I really want to go, grab the dumbbell and ask him, when was the last time he asked himself what is the benefit of this SINGLE JOINT exercise!

But instead of whining, I will tell you my top three exercises, that I’d appreciate it if you to stop doing them!

1.Bicep curls

Image source: http://munfitnessblog.com

As you already know I really detest this exercise. Not that I am prejudiced, but have you ever asked yourself why single joint movements do more harm than good? Have you heard about muscles antagonists or in other words muscles that perform an opposite function? For example, if we take the muscles on your lower body, the anterior chain pulls down and the posterior chain pulls upside. By doing single joint exercises, you have just your anterior or just the posterior chain working(depending on the single joint exercise).

Thus the anterior and the posterior change can’t balance each other. Imagine what happens. The anterior chain is pulling down and it happens as if it is trying to take your joint out of its place and there aren’t anybody to counteract, by pulling upside, because the posterior chain is isolated. And you are trying to tell me that single joint exercises could be healthy, keeping in mind that each rep is a try to “force out” the joint out of its place? It doesn’t sound good to me! That is what happens with bicep curls!!! That’s why you have elbow pain after doing this exercise!

2. Lat Pull Downs BEHIND THE BACK

Image source: http://www.eightsandweights.com

Lat pull downs behind the back, pulling up by leaving the bar behind your back, military presses behind the back- they should be all FORBIDDEN!

In order to keep your back in the right position while doing this movement, you should have pretty mobile shoulders. Otherwise the impossibility to rotate your shoulders back will lead to your body trying to compensate by leaning and twisting  too much and that leads to a  lot of stress on your spine and could cause a serious rotator cuff injury. Don’t do it! It’s useless and dangerous!

3. Squats on the Smith machine

Image source: http://www.mensfitness.co.uk

As much as I love squats, I really hate squats on a Smith machine. I know that it is really fashionable to have one of this machines in your gym, but fashion is not always good for you. The problem with the Smith machine is the fixed trajectory of the bar and the vertical direction in which it moves. If you observe a man squatting, press or doing another exercise with free weights, you will notice that the bar is not going straight up.

Every person depending on his height, length of legs,arms and torso, the mobility and the imbalance of his muscles, performs the exercises in a different way. This means that the fixed trajectory in the Smith machine, leads to subnormal load on the ligaments and tendons , with an extra stretch, trying to compensate , the unnatural vertical motion. Not only the squat but other exercises performed on a Smith machine, lead to injuries! So you don’t need this mistake of the human creativity! Stick to the simple  but still good for your health exercises!

SO, ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME FEEL BETTER, by promising that you WILL NEVER do this exercises again?


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  1. Man Steger

    Who are you to tell me what exercises to do and what not to do? If I see results from it, then I’ll keep doing it. If it pains you to see a workout, then don’t look at me… not going to stop a workout to “make you feel better”

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