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Every time when we have a problem, we usually search for a complicated solution. We search everywhere, besides at the most obvious places, just because we think it can’t be that simple. This is true for our health. When we have a health problem or some kind of pain, we look for all kind of innovative treatments and pills, instead of turning to the most approachable- our own body, the way it moves and functions!

Nowadays, almost everybody is complaining of ankle pain, low back pain, knee pain etc. We “compete” with each other, who is gonna buy more pain killers or who is gonna go more times to physical therapy, desperately trying to relief the pain. But is this even necessary?

My observations show me that the bigger per cent of people who feel this kind of pain, do not need such treatments! The only thing you need is to educate yourself about the way your body functions, the way it moves THE RIGHT WAY and to determine what muscle imbalances you have, after which you should work out in a way to remove them!

Muscle imbalances are one of the main reasons for the pain you feel! Muscle imbalances are what contributes for your bad posture, walk gate and the concomitant pains!

Today I want to pay special attention to the way you walk. How often do you even give it a thought? Never, am I right? I often spend time sitting on a bench in the park, watching people… but not because I am making evil remarks about the way they dress or the way they look, but because I observe the way they walk and the way they stand. I take a look at every passing person, the way he/ she steps and I analyze what he/ she could do in order to walk better, stand better and respectively feel better, without constantly being in pain!

I want you to give it a thought- how important is the way you walk! Every day we complete thousands of steps. Each step is some kind of a load for your body and if that load is not distributed the right way, if you have a bad walking “technique” ( 😉 ), this will lead to a poor body movement pattern. You already know that the human body is like a chain. If one place of the chain bends, breaks and so forth, the whole chain starts changing!

Imagine a car and its tires. If one tire is too soft and you keep on driving like this, the car won’t move the way it would, if all the tires were pumped enough. Or if one tire is punctured and you insist on driving the car… then it will hardly move, swinging to one side, it will make strange noises and you risk breaking something else!

This is what happens when your walking “technique” is not right! With every step, where the weight is distributed to the outer side of your feet; to the inner side of your feet; where your feet are pointing inside or outside, you are disrupting the chain and your body compensates for this, by loading more some muscles and not using others. This leads to some muscles getting too tight and others getting too loose and your body starts moving poorly, which leads to a lot of pain!

In some of the next posts, I will pay special attention to different walking problems and mistakes, the reasons behind them and what you could actually do, in order to correct the way you walk and the way your body moves!

Until then pay close attention to the way you step, the way you distribute the weight on your feet. Keep in mind that when you step, the weight should be evenly distributed on your feet. You should step with your toes pointing forward, and not turned inside or too much on the outside!

This week I will leave you a homework 😉 ! Make a self-analysis of the way you walk and in the next few weeks we will find out why you walk the way you do and how to correct it!

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Do you pay attention to the way you walk?

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