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This week has been great. The past three months I had some trouble working out, as I had an injury on my heel and my thigh. I’ve been working out the whole week, I am adding weights on the bar, and I feel freaking happy! 🙂 It’s time for my favorite reads of the week. Seems like my favorite fitness writers and bloggers, improve the quality of their articles every week. I always think they are outstanding, and there is no place for improvement, and they always manage to do better! So enjoy their great work and educate yourself further! 🙂

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong for the past week:

A Guide to Successful Relationship with Girls Who Lift Weights

Workout for Performance, Eat for Weight Loss

Coffee: To Drink or Not to Drink

How to Kill the Chocolate Cravings That Are Killing You

Change: What Has the Power to Make You Change

Banana Cream Chia Pudding

And now it is time for my favorite reads of the week:

Are Public Drinking Fountains Disappearing?

Intermittent Fasting and Stubborn Body Fat

Reverse Pyramid Revisited

Reverse Pyramid Training

Grill the Guru: Charles Poliquin

The Paradoxical Commandments Reposted

Single Leg Trainin

Single- Leg Training Put to a Test

What Has the Biggest Impact on Outcomes Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery

MyoMy Story: The Turning Point by Brian Anglim

Orthorexia and Extreme Leanness Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

Jon Goodman and His Journey to Ignition

Bodybuilding That Isn’t BS

Carb Cycling for the Noncounter

Why the Best Crossfit Coaches Don’t Do Crossfit Workouts

The Minimalist Guide to Mobility

How to Fill Your Mental Jar with Glitter and Rainbows

Five Things I Love about Crossfit

When a Squat is Not a Squat

10 Practical Tips for Pulling a Child’s Loose Tooth

7 Frequent Mistakes You are Making at the Gym

What Should I Eat

Scapular Stability and Pushups

Turned Stone: Calcium Pills Proven Once Again to Kill

Lisa’s Transformation

Train for Performance, Not for Aesthetics

Q&A: Hypermobility and the Olympic Lifts

The Main Ingredient

Squats to a Box

60 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life

It’s Not the Hamstrings Fault You Squat Like an 80 Year Old Woman

Train Like the Game: Triple H’s Intense Training Regimen

My First Video: An Intro to Training Abroad

Create Better Superset Using Drivers

7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Coach


Did you like my favorite reads? Share with me some of the articles that impressed you?

P.S. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends. I’d greatly appreciate it! 🙂

Ако статията ви е харесала, споделете я с приятелите си. Благодаря, че помагате да достигне до повече хора.

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