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Do you often struggle staying on track with your diet? Are you one of those people that try so hard to get everything right, but never manage to achieve your goal about a lean and sexy body? What is it that is stopping your progress? Probably you are cursed to be overweight? Wrong! That is impossible! The problem is YOU! The problem is in your head and your thoughts!

I almost can’t think of a woman who doesn’t struggle or at least struggled with a disordered eating! More often than not what hinders progress are our emotions. I bet that most of you have experienced emotional eating- when you eat not because you are hungry, but because you are sad, frustrated, overwhelmed and you are trying to fill that emotion with something, ending up filling it with food!

Your weight loss goals are the same as every other goal in life. When you aim at something for the wrong reasons, usually you end up disappointed and unsatisfied! For example if you want to change your workplace just because you will get more money, no matter what the work will be, you are setting up yourself for failure. A person can excel at something only if he feels the joy of his deeds and only if he finds the right motivation.

It is the same with diet. When you are constantly beating yourself up for not being leaner, for eating one more candy  or exercising an hour less, you are hardly ever gonna achieve your goal! Negative motivation always hinders your progress!

In first place establish why you are overweight!

1)Probably the reason is that you are eating more than you should!

2) You are eating a lot of processed food and you hardly ever eat real food!

Next, if you eat more than you should, ask yourself what is the reason:

1)      You are bored, frustrated, sad or it just makes you feel better when you eat?

This right here is where the problem starts and where the problem will be solved. If you are eating out of emotions, your negative motivation to diet and exercise is interfering with your progress!

When your motivation to diet and exercise is “Because I am fat and I want to look better”, ”because I don’t like my big love handles”, “because people are making fun of me” and so on you are feeding your mind with more negativity! Right now you are upset with something in your life, no matter if it is your appearance or something else, and your negative self talk is giving you more crap and not helping at all.

When I work with somebody who is overweight and suffers from disordered eating, I never ask them to set a goal straightly connected with their weight. For example “I want to lose 30 pounds, because now I am fat, and when I lose them people will treat me better. That’s why I will starve if I should and I will exercise as much as possible.” IS NOT A GOAL! Rather than that you should turn it in something positive. “I want to feel better about myself, I want to be healthy and be able to move around without running out of breath. That is why I will make smarter food choices and I will give my body what it needs to be stronger and healthier by exercising.” See the difference? The first example only beats you down more and the second one somehow touches your heart and sets you on fire.

When chasing a goal no matter what the goal is, make sure you will have a positive motivation.

I’ve been there too! I’ve struggled to find the right motivation. I’ve spend years wanting to be leaner and stronger. I’ve spend years wanting to have abs and defined muscles and I never even got close to that look, by beating myself up with negative self talk. One day I decided I want to eat better so I can perform better. I threw the scale away and I have never looked back! Now I don’t eat something healthy, because it will make me leaner. I eat something healthy because that is what it will help me become-healthy! I don’t exercise to spend more calories and lose weight faster. I exercise because I want to be able to control my body. I want to be able to make pull ups, push ups, squat,deadlift, sprint and so on. And you know what is the best? I am getting leaner. I am achieving my goals with ease without getting frustrated with counting calories, wasting time in the gym and never seeing the progress I work so hard for!

So now when you read that, I want you to stop for a second. Close your eyes and forget about the negative motivation. Forget how much you don’t like something about yourself. Think about something you really want to be able to do and make it your goal. Chase it and make the right adjustments to your diet and work outs in order to achieve it! You will get there with ease and you will feel better and happier than ever!

What do you think about that? Are you your own obstacle on the way to a leaner and happier version of yourself? Why do you think you are doing it?

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Ines Subashka

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    Avoid ALL OILS! If you cook vegetable oil it becmoe oxidized and that is why millions of vegans in India suffer from diabetes and heart disease. They eat tons of veggies but deep FRY everything! Do your research people. So much to learn. Dan the man has the right idea, but if you can only do it 3-4 times a week that’s great! Oh, ditch all dairy It’s harmful, you don’t need it and it’s full of toxins.

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