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Image source: http://www.ehow.com/way_5278530_apple-diet-weight-loss.html

I bet that you are interested in every piece of information on the topic of workouts and nutrition. I am keen on that as well! I read everything I can get my hands on, no matter if it suits my opinion or if it is an opposing theory! The massive amounts of information are a big plus, but in the same time, that can be tricky, because the risk of getting lost in the “sea” of theories and opinions is pretty big!

This has happened to me in the past! I read something, that seems authentic, I decide to try it and in a month I stumble upon something else that sounds more logical! All of this used to overwhelm me and perplex me.

This is the reason for the main mistake, that most people make, in the search of a suitable nutrition plan, which will help them achieve their goals- to feel better, healthier and meet their body composition goals- you focus too much on the details, and in the same time you are missing on the basics!

A house can’t be build if you are constantly thinking about the roof and if you do not lay the foundations! You won’t have the foundations to build on, and no matter how genius is your idea about the roof, you wouldn’t succeed!

It is the same with your nutrition. I am sure that at times you get lost in reading too much about how your body reacts to a particular food, a combination of foods, what are the best proportions between proteins: fats: carbs and so forth.

You get lost in calculations, and you haven’t even laid the foundations!

If I have to be honest with you, if you do not feel a deep attraction to science and what and why it happens in your body, you really do not need to bother yourself with that information! I do it, because I like it and because I learned to not take everything for a final truth and to read, because I want to have a different perspective on everything…

But no matter how much others fool you with great theories, programs, plans and discoveries, the truth is that you do not need to know too much, in order to get in the shape, you’ve always wanted to be!

Before you start reading, what is gonna happen if you eat some carbs 20 minutes after your workout, and what would happen if you eat the carbs two hours later, first make sure that you are doing the simplest, basic stuff!

If your nutrition is full of processed foods, drinks full of sugar, sandwiches, donuts and pancakes, it doesn’t really matter what is gonna happen with the carbs you consumed post workout or later that day!

Don’t try to apply complicated theories , before you build the foundations!

I’d recommend you abstract from all the information and focus on the quality of your food- get rid of the junk!

Focus on eating just real food! Here you can find out how to recognize it!

After that forget about the proportions between fats:proteins:carbs and as for now focus on having all three of them on your plate, for every meal, always from clean sources!

Thus, you will find out how you are starting to feel better and look better, without getting obsessed with food and nutrition theories. You will make healthy eating a lifestyle and then, if your inner voice of a geek wants more knowledge, read as much as you want! But read with your critical mind and do not change your opinion every single day!

I recommend you read this:

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