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I often hear people saying that healthy eating is too expensive. More often than not these are just plain excuses by people who have absolutely no information or do not have n idea what they are talking about, but just try to justify there bad eating choices.

Today I will explain you why healthy eating isn’t more expensive and I will give you a couple suggestions how to save money when you go shopping!

Why healthy eating isn’t more expensive?

When you start eating healthy, that doesn’t mean just a change in the quality of the food you eat, but also a change in the way you do it! When you eat mindfully, trying to satisfy your body’s needs, you end up eating a quantity that is enough to provide you with the energy and nutrients you need. When you eat as most people do, you eat way more quantities of food, because you are not eating mindfully. You are eating trying to satisfy your mind and to fill your emotional emptiness or kill some time. All this leads to an endless need to consume food in big quantities.

That is the first difference. Even if some quality products are more expensive, you will need smaller quantity, which will compensate the price. Besides that quality food, gives your body what it needs and leaves you satisfied for way longer than unhealthy food which is robbing your body.

Another reason why healthy eating isn’t more expensive, could be found in a longer perspective.  If you eat quality food, you give your body what it needs and you are most likely going to be healthy. What happens if you eat processed food? Your body is suffering and sooner or later the problems start- your stomach aches, you feel tired, have high blood pressure, diabetes and other more dangerous diseases. You start wasting your precious time, going to the doctor. You give a bunch of money for pills and hospitals! Thus, the cheaper food, ends up being a lot more expensive in the long run!

Suggestion how to save money when you go shopping for food:

1.Remember that you go to the supermarket to by the products you need, and not to hang out and stare at useless stuff. Stick to your list and do not let yourself to be tempted by this or that!

2. The products on the top and down shelves are cheaper, which doesn’t mean that they are with a bad quality. Just the vbigger companies pay more money, so their products will be placed on the hight of eye level, so you can notice them! A big per cent of the product’s price is just the brand, which doesn’t, mean that cheaper means worse!

3. When you go shopping, stick to the route of the outer space of the supermarket. There you will usually find fruits,vegetables,meat,eggs and milk products! The rest is inside the supermarket, and there you will find just useless products, that you do not need to consume!

4. You could find people from farms near your town and by cheaper but quality products from them! Thus, when you have time to go to the farm, you will have a noice walk and you will get some fresh, real food!

5. Take advantage of coupons. Use them for quality products!

6. Do not throw food! You could always gather the leftovers and make a frittata! Then you will have a great breakfast!

7. Do not go shopping when you are hungry!

What do you think? Is healthy more expensive? Or is it worth the try?

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