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1.You will stop feeling the constant need to eat something

I am sure that if you are still not eating a high fat- low carb diet, you could hardly go longer than 2-3 hours, without eating. I remember the time, when carbs used to be my main source of fuel. I was constantly staring at the clock, waiting for my next meal.

With the risk to bore you, I will remind you why it happens like this. When you eta carbs, your blood sugar levels rise. In a response to the blood sugar rise, your pancreas releases insulin, a hormone, which had the responsibility to take out , the excess sugar, from your blood, because its presence in your blood is toxic.

After that this peak in your blood sugar, is followed by a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels, which in turn is accompanied by signals being send to your brain, that you need more energy.

When carbs are the staple of your nutrition plan, you get in this enchanted circle and you need to eat every couple hours, in order to keep your blood sugar levels stable and not feel tired and sluggish.

When you adapt to using fat as your main source of fuel, you manage to get yourself out of this enchanted circle and you won’t have this sudden changes in your blood sugar levels. That means, that you won’t go through periods of feeling energetic after you eat your carbohydrate meal, and then feel the sudden drop in your energy levels, when your blood sugar drops down.

The explanation behind feeling energetic and not feeling constantly hungry, when you follow a high fat- low carb diet, could be hidden in some other factors, which you could further read about, here:

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2. You will start getting leaner, without following depriving diets, consisting of scarce amounts of food.

There are a bunch of researches, which show that the human body, functions better when fats are your main source of fuel, and not carbs.

And even if we don’t dig deeper in scientific researches, we could reach to the same statement, using some logic. As I’ve mentioned before, your body can store almost unlimited amounts of fat. The carbs, that it can store, are limited to about 300-400 grams- in your liver and muscles.

Besides that, as you know the stored in your body, has the primary goal, to be used in the future, in case you find yourself in an emergency situation, where you will have to go longer periods of time without food.

This means that, if your body stores fat for emergency situations like this, it prefers using them! This means that the absence of fat, is what it won’t be able to function without in this emergency situations.

When you start giving your body enough fats, you will send signals , that it doesn’t need to store them, because you are already providing it with enough fat!

Besides that, if you follow an adequate nutrition plan( with a small caloric deficit), that will meet your weight loss goals, the energy needed to reach the caloric balance, will be delivered by the fats stored in your body, and not the carbs! This will be another reason you are losing the fat so quick!

And what happens when your body uses carbs as its main source of fuel? This caloric deficit, will be “filled”, with the use of the stored carbs and your body will rarely get to use its own stores of fat for energy. Thus you are gonna find it harder to get leaner.

3. You will have to deal with the avalanche of questions, that other people are going to ask you

They will constantly ask you “How is that even possible? To eat fat and still get leaner?”;” Aren’t you worried that by eating so much fat, your cholesterol levels will rise?”; “ Where do you get the energy needed, when carbs are the preferred source of fuel, and you are not eating much of them?” and so forth.

At the beginning you might find it really annoying. You might even have moments, when you will doubt the right of what you are doing and the way you are eating. But the more the time goes by, observing the positive changes in your physique, health and the way you feel, you will come to the conclusion that this is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and your body!

At the beginning you are going to try and ground the way you eat, quoting scientific researches, recommending trustworthy literature, that will defend your point of view… but with time, you will find out that more often than not it is pointless to argue with other people. You will learn to differ people, who you could talk with on this particular topic, and those that are the so called “causa perduta”.

Then, you will just keep on eating the way you do, you will enjoy the positive results, that you achieve and I assure you that your biggest opponents, will come to you for and advice, how to transition to a high fat- low carb diet!

Never forget that there isn’t a better evidence, than your own, personal actions!

4. You will stop craving sweets and junk food

Shocking I know, but the mere truth! You will join the group of people, who do not eat sweets, not because they are depriving from them, but because you won’t have any desire to eat such foods; you won’t even find them to be tasty anymore. With the transition, towards using fat as your main source of fuel, you will notice that there isn’t anything more delicious than a pork steak, eggs with butter, bacon and other fatty- healthy foods.

You will rather eat two pork steaks, instead of a whole, chocolate cake!

5. You will start loving so much the way you look and feel, that healthy eating won’t be a torture and deprivation anymore. It will become real pleasure and a lifestyle

This is my secret, towards the successful transition to turning healthy eating into a lifestyle! Before, no matter what was my nutrition plan, I always had the thoughts of eating sweets and junk food! I was always eagerly anticipating some kind of a holiday, so I could stuff myself with my favorite chocolate temptations and junk foods.

Today, nothing has the power to make me eat junk food, just because I love what I eat now. Because the food I eat is nutritious and quality. It gives my body what it needs in order to function properly. It helps me achieve my body composition goals and I feel really satisfied!

Well, after you understood the side effects of a high-fat, low-carb diet, are you ready to try it? 😉

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