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Joy Victoria

More often than not, people consider that lifting weights is not what a beautiful woman would do. People make the wrong assumption, that if a woman lifts weights, she is probably gonna become bulky and masculine. Well, that is why Joy Victoria was born- to prove you wrong! She is one of the most beautiful people you will ever get to meet- inside and out! She is strong, yet feminine! She is beautiful, but don’t let that fool you, because she is gonna kick your ass in the gym, without even thinking twice about it! Today I have the pleasure to introduce you Joy! Before that don’t forget to join my Facebook page (HERE)! Thank you!

Ines Subashka: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Joy Renold: Where to start? Hah. Well, I am a personal trainer and S/C coach at a high school. I currently live in Vermont, but plan on migrating to Toronto soon. I am 28 years old, I have two beautiful kids (10 and 6) and I am currently going to school majoring in Exercise Science at Lyndon State College. I am certified as a personal trainer with CPTN in Canada and a Level 1 Crossfit (though we all know that doesn’t mean much).

IS: How did you get involved in fitness? Have you done any other sport before that?

JR:I was home schooled till high school, and one of the main reasons I begged my mom to let me go to school was to play sports. Unfortunately we ended up moving too much for me to play sports officially but I started working out on my own (Cindy Crawford and TaeBo!) at 16. I was also an avid roller blader.

I started the habit young, and kept up with it faithfully despite multiple injuries, mostly to my knees. I didn’t find out till later that I was “hypermobile” a.k.a too flexible in my joints/ligaments. Eventually I was in a position to consider it seriously as a career about 3 years ago, and took the plunge despite not knowing what I was getting into really! I went back and forth about a year ago concerning plunging in full time and really choosing it as a career, but I finally did, and I am so glad I did too. It was a risk for me (still is haha), but it’s great to know what I am going to focus on, and once I chose, the hardest part was over!

Joy Renold

IS:Do you follow a nutrition plan and if yes, what is it?

JR: I use intermittent fasting Leangains style as a diet “setup”. This is because it’s highly convenient for me, both in how I like to eat (big meals) and for my schedule. I have tried just about every diet under the sun and got caught up and confused regarding so many fads that claim you can’t eat this or that, or just have to follow this one rule etc etc. I believe diet methods are highly flexible and should be based on what someone can consistently follow, is convenient for them and enables them to reach their goals both in looks and health.

IS: Have you ever struggled with disorder eating habits?

JR: Oh, for sure. Not always obviously either. I was always able to maintain a semblance of balance, but was left with that frustrating recurrence of binges or cravings, or unable to make progress that wouldn’t have to be “remade” every time I strayed off whatever “diet path” I was trying to adhere to at the moment. This was mostly because of diet fads that ignored teaching the basic principles and make their popularity and money off of branding their “way” .

For instance, when I ate Paleo, I was extremely low carb and protein with high fat, getting tons of calories per day, but thinking that I should have been “getting lean”. I was into reading Mark’s Daily Apple blog (which can have SOME good information) and following all the Primal/Paleo rules, yet I would get marginal results for a bit, and then problems would start cropping up again.

Sometimes I was left pretty embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn’t “get it” somehow. And guilty too because I would inevitably promote whatever seemed to be working for me at the time. Super low carb was alright some days, (I was working out intensely during this time), but other days I was left incredibly frustrated and craving carbs like crazy. Yet, in all my reading of Paleo dieting, the reason for this was never explained. Neither was the concept of how protein intake affects a diet, etc. That is just an example.

IS: Why do you think so many women struggle with eating disorders? What is your advice to them? How could they get out of this lonely world of disordered eating?

JR: Wow, that is a good question. I would say education. But even that is a loaded suggestion, because then you have to automatically ask “from where?”. So many women read so much online, and yet still struggle with really getting the results they are after, even if they are not lofty ones. A big part for me was getting away from any and all extremes, and learning the science-based principles and learning how to think critically.

The two authors and nutritionists that played the biggest role in this for me were Alan Aragon and Lyle McDonald. I found them through first hearing Martin Berkhan talk about them on I subscribed right away to Alan Aragons Research Review, and started to learn more about Lyle’s body of work on nutrition (which is extensive, and highly praised) and they were two people that were firm on calling out bullshit, getting to the root of the issue, and firmly sticking to evidence-based claims and research without ignoring the benefit of information contributed by experience and anecdote.

But what really got me was their dedication to taking that research, those claims, that guru’s ideas and showing WHY it would work and HOW it was applicable and WHEN it was applicable. And that is the key! You can have the biggest pile of information available to you, but if you don’t know how to use it, and don’t know where it fits and how to take that knowledge and craft success from it; it is useless to you.

I recently posted a link to Matt Perrymans book “Maximum Muscle”, and I found this quote from him perfect in describing the “fog” that people have to wander through in all this information on fitness and dieting: “Information isn’t the problem and never has been. HOW you look at information is the piece of the equation that is often missed and worse, the Fitness industry is complicit with this problem.”

Joy Renold

IS: How do people around you accept your lifestyle? Do they approve it or are they being judgmental?

JR: Well, right now my life revolves around my little family, school and work, so honestly the few people I interact with on a more social basis are online. So besides some close personal friends (who would never be unsupportive) everyone else I interact with is mostly “like-minded”.

I also live in a small Vermont town, and the local’s ideas of a “good time” don’t appeal to me at all. So this question is not super applicable. I guess because I have created my own environment for a couple years now, rather than starting in one that is already in existence.

What I would say to women who struggle with this issue is; be determined and stay positive, and you will affect people’s attitudes much more than you think. Don’t assume and don’t take anything personally, and believe in your power to change and influence anything and anyone, especially those closest to you.

IS: Have you ever been afraid of lifting weights, because you might get “bulky”? What would you tell to women who are afraid of lifting big weights?

JR: They’re really not that big in the grand scheme of things. At least not compared to men, or some elite women. So why you worrying? Hahahaha.

Lifting weights is scary in part because of two things:

1.) It takes time to learn to do it properly to get the benefits touted, and it’s a bit scary to take the step to try it and make mistakes and learn. It’s easier to follow a group class, or hop on the treadmill or sit on a machine.

2.) Being bulky is not so much a matter of muscle, as a matter of fat, and no one likes to hear that. Sure, some people can be labeled bulky depending on body type (I am frequently, though others then tell me I am tiny, but I have been called the bulky label quite frequently), but without fail I can say that with good form, time and working at understanding what you are doing and educating yourself, soon exercise will be a glorious tool to use to do whatever you want!

Either in how you want to shape your body (look what Bret has done for glutes with his glute squad, and NONE of those girls can be called even close to bulky!) or for your performance in an athletic endeavor. There are a myriad of ways to lift weights to get the results you want, and some people don’t want a bunch of muscle. But believe me “a bunch of muscle” is not gonna pop up like magic and the great majority of women have nothing to worry about unless they are completely ignoring diet as well.

IS: How was the idea for your website born? What is the message you’d like to spread with it?

JR: It was born quite a few years ago to be honest. When I first started getting into fitness professionally a friend had coined the term “baddies”. I jokingly tagged on “fitness”, and it kind of stuck. I started a FB group years ago under that name (no longer exists), than moved it to a page, and then a blog and now a site. It’s really a work in progress.

The message I want to bring with it is twofold. First to help spread the right information, the information that is evidence-based, practical and in the correct context so people can pick and choose the right tools for their goals and that looking good is not horribly complicated and mysterious. Secondly, that everyone can be a much better version of themselves. That version that we sometimes pine after, or think is unattainable. Its not. Both mentally and physically.

IS:How would you describe your training philosophy in one sentence?

JR: If you’re not puking, you didn’t work hard enough.


I’m going to be unoriginal here and say that the Socrates quote encompasses my philosophy, both for those who train for looks and for performance. “No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

Training and diet is a basic form of goal-setting, and we all know how goal-setting is the “secret” to success. I find that when people change their body and see those changes coming specifically from their hard work, it is a gateway to all kinds of success in other areas. Of course, people do this with stuff other than diet and training, but a healthy body is the foundation for so much other stuff!

IS: Have you ever had a moment in your life, when you wanted to be like everybody else- partying every day, eating junk food, instead of working so hard in the gym and in the kitchen?

JR: So there’s always this contradiction between admitting to hard work as you reach your goals, but letting people know that its not THAT hard. Its more smart work than hard work. But smart work is hard in the beginning I guess. Does that make sense?

I want to be and do exactly what I want, so I don’t look at something I choose to do as a “sacrifice”. I party (ok, rarely, but you gotta see where I live!), I eat junk food when I want (because I know the principles of dieting), and being in the gym is freaking fun. I sympathize with people who struggle, and by some miracle (I was never a teenager with incredible awareness) I started this goal awhile ago, so I have a good 12 years of honing this habit in a VARIETY of circumstances.

From jumproping on my rooftop in Mexico to pushing a stroller up hills in Japan, to capoeira classes in Costa Rica to air-conditioning full service gyms in Toronto….I have had the worst of circumstances and the best of circumstances, but I always knew a) exercise makes me look good b) its healthy so I found ways to stick with it. If you see that you can build any relationship you care to with anything that you “have” to do, or that is important to you, you will be inspired to find ways to start falling in love. It’s not chance, its choice.

Once upon a time, I was the person who would have been happy to “get out of” a workout that day. It happened multiple times, over and over, but the important thing was that I kept coming back, and slowly but surely I created a habit and then a positive relationship, and then love. Of course I wasn’t aware of the process back then, so the sooner you can be aware of it, the quicker you can enact the change you want!

IS: How would you finish the sentence ”I workout, because…”?

JR: I want to be hot and strong and I need to know what I am doing as a trainer. I experiment on myself a lot, as well as on clients. 😀

IS: Don’t forget to visit Joy’s website as well as like her Facebook page! 🙂

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Don’t forget to join my Facebook page! 🙂 Thank you!

Gergina( one of my clients) is one of the most hardworking,dedicated people! She is 39 years old, but she is kicking ass in the gym, proving that you can be, who you work hard to become! So proud of her!

Gergina Mancheva
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