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PCOS: What is The Root Cause of It and What Could be The Treatment?

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO) are ovaries which contain an excessive number of primordial follicles. These follicles are tiny fluid-filled sacs which contain the eggs.  Below is a list that shows if the number of the follicles in your ovaries are in the normal range or if they are surpassing it thus giving a sign for some problems.

Normal: less than or equal to 12 follicles
Borderline: 13-15 follicles
Mild: 16-30 follicles
Moderate: 30-50 follicles
Severe: more than 50 follicles, as a general guide – these women usually have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), associated with infertility, increased facial hair, and a disturbance of hormone levels.

In a normal menstrual cycle there are usually 5-10 follicles at the beginning of the cycle. Later in the cycle usually around day 14, one follicle gets bigger  and shortly thereafter ovulation takes place with release of the egg. The remaining eggs regress and disappear before the next cycle. These events typically occur every 4 weeks and result in the monthly menstrual bleed. With polycystic ovaries, this cyclical sequence of events (more…)

Why The Elder We Get, The More We Suffer?

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“The deepest human defeat suffered by human beings is constituted by the difference between what one was capable of becoming and what one has in fact become.” Ashley Montague

Sometimes I really wish more people could see the world, the way I see it. Sometimes I really wish people had more faith in their own greatness, in their unlimited abilities, in the beauty of life and the fact that faith is not trying its best to make us miserable- actually it is the opposite- everything that happens, has the purpose to help us grow and become happier.

Day after day, the older we get, we become more miserable, more concerned, more nervous and disappointed. Have you noticed children? They really know how to enjoy life… how paradoxical!  As if they are fragile and inexperienced, and in reality they obviously know more about life than we do! You will say that they are still young and they haven’t gone through betrayals, disappointments, failure and blame… but you know what?

A really wise man, once told me that diamonds, in order to become so shiny, beautiful and hard, should be polished. The same person told me that the same applies to people- the more hardships you overcome, the more you will shine and the more beautiful you are supposed to become. Obstacles are the “tool” of life to polish us- to make us more beautiful, of higher value and tougher.

Have you ever asked yourself why with every passing year, even though you pile up more experience and knowledge, it gets harder; you feel more miserable and confused?

I found the answer to this question, when I (more…)

What Is the Best Thing to Do for Yourself This Weekend?

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Stanislav Iliev and his daughter 🙂

… how about read my favorite reads of the week? 😉

Hey, everybody! How was your week? Mine has been so productive and awesome! I really feel blessed! No matter how many hardships life has to offer you, keep in mind that it has twice as many blessings planned for you! So enjoy the good and get over the bad! It is not worth living in the past! Just smile at the present and be eager for the future! The only thing that you should take from the past, are the lessons you’ve learned! Ok, now after my mini rant, stay active during the weekend, eat a steak with some veggies and bacon and be totally awesome!

Meanwhile check out my favorite reads of the week! You already know that there are some great posts! Dig them 😉

First, (more…)

Interview with Molly Galbraith:I Am Training Because I Love My Body, Not Because I Hate It

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Molly Galbraith

I’ve always said that I LOVE what I do! There are so many reasons behind my passion towards strength and conditioning and being a coach, but one thing I adore is the opportunity to meet great people, who empower my passion, keep me motivated and serve me as an example! Today I have the honor to introduce you Molly Galbraith! She is an amazing woman and an amazing coach! Everybody who has the opportunity to meet her, will tell you that his/her life has been touched and changed forever! She has the ability to wake up the motivation and the drive that have been sleeping deep inside of you. She has the power to inspire you to be more, to want more and to achieve more! Chack out what Molly had to share with us, but before that let’s wish her a Happy Birthday!

Ines Subashka: Thank you for accepting the offer for an interview. I really like what you do, and it is a pleasure for me, to introduce you to my readers! Would you tell us a little bit more about yourself.

 Molly Galbraith: (more…)

15 Signs That You Work Out Properly and Eat Healthy

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1.When somebody is trying to explain you how women aren’t supposed to lift weights,because they will get bulky, and you just nod, thinking “I am so sorry, that you think like that. You are cursed. You will never have tight, nice, firmer butt and thighs.”

2. When somebody tells you how they had a killing, two hours long, workout, and you just stay there, listening, but on the inside you feel real satisfaction, thinking “ God, I am so damn happy that I do not do this stupid mistake anymore. It is so great to save your time and still have short and effective workouts.”

3.When somebody says how tired they feel, because they are hardly eating, but the torture is still worth it, because that way they are gonna lose weight and get a killing, sexy body… and you stay there, trying to “understand”, eating your pork steak and throwing a glance at the mirror, in order to see your sexy, shaped body.

4.When somebody is whining, how he is (more…)

How to Look Like a Pro Athlete without Actually Being One

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A lot of people wonder how come I love my workouts so much and why so many people come to work out with me. Where is the difference? You’d say…. a workout like a workout!

Truth is that the best part about the way I and my clients work out is that we do not set limitations! We do not accept the fact that just because we don’t compete, we shouldn’t do any different physical activity than walking, running in the park and climbing stairs. We know that every one of us can do so much more! We know that what differs the regular man from the pro athlete is just these- the profession! While pro athletes get money for what they are capable of doing with their bodies, we get an infinite satisfaction of our abilities and achievements!

Every one of my clients, no matter his age, physical activity, sports background, injuries… if he works hard enough, one day he will be able of doing handstand walking, sprinting, jumping, flipping tires, doing pull ups, push ups, endure hard workouts, climb on a rope, deadlift and so on….

People often ask me what competition I am preparing for and they always look shocked when I say that I am just working out for my own pleasure and that I am a strength and conditioning coach. People consider that a person who can sprint, jump, do pull ups, drag tires, walk on hands, has nice, athletic body and follows a nutrition plan, should be by all means a pro athlete!

And this is far from the truth! I know that you too could become like me and the people I have the honor to coach every day! You too could have nice, athletic body and you could be capable of doing stuff that the regular man never thinks of doing in his daily life! That is why with today’s post I am gonna try and give you some directions on how to actually do it! (more…)

When Everything Is Changing, Change Everything…

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When you decide to leave,

Don’t look me in the yes!

Leave without daring to turn around!

Take a walk on the dusty road,

Among the stones, the ravage and the tears…

Leave without daring to turn around

And I will watch you leaving

My eyes will follow every step of yours

My lips will softly utter

The sound of your name…

But leave! Don’t you dare turn around!

The sunset, which lost its beauty…

The bird, that forgot its song,

The flower that didn’t taste the ground

Will show me that you’ve left…

Beautiful, right? Probably you wonder what in the world do those lyrics have to do with today’s post… what is the matter of this human drama…

What do you notice in the lyrics above? Pain, sadness, lost dreams, pity, anxiety, fear, disappointment, and maybe hope… different emotions, that are tearing the human soul… and all of them can be summed up in one- CHANGE!

Every situation in our life, leads to some kind of change. Sometimes changes are small and we don’t notice them…and sometimes they shake up our world and turn our lives around. For most of us change has an expensive cost- a lot of tears, sleepless nights, questions without answers, choking pain, memories, that seem to dig the wounds of our hearts.

Last week I read a book, where the author says that “nothing has its own meaning, besides the meaning we give it.” Just one sentence, which (more…)

Mocha Cookies

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It is time for another delicious recipe! This was an idea of my mother. We prepared these cookies for my birthday last week. My best friend totally loved him, actually he ate almost all of them! 😉 I bet you are gonna love them too so get busy cooking! And here is how to prepare them!

Ingredients: (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 07/21/12

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Gabriela Subashka

It is the end of the week! It is time to read some great stuff! So prepare a healthy breakfast, then get busy reading some helpful articles and later on go out for a walk! Have a wonderful, healthy and active weekend! That is what my weekend is gonna be like, so I wish the same for you! 🙂

First, (more…)

Interview with Zach Moore: The Life Where Limitations Don't Exist

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Zach Moore

The world is full of sadness, hardships, broken hearts and tears. The worl is full of people believing in limitations and never daring to reach their full potential! The world, though, is full of beauty, opportunities,dreams and people who trust that limitations don’t exist! Тoday I have the great opportunity to introduce you Zach Moore! One of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the chance to talk to! Zach is a strength and conditioning coach, helping people discover their endless strength and live the life they’ve imagined. He was born missing the lower part of his arm, but he never let that become his limitation or his excuse! Read the great interview with Zach and take away some of the hope, the desire and the determination that this guy will give you!

Ines Subashka: Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Zach Moore: (more…)

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I am a ‘something-searcher person” and I have devoted my life to the mission to reveal myself, to improve, to collect the pieces of puzzle in my own nature, so that to give and to receive from life as much as possible. My Life is history, full of broken dreams, falls, disappointments and finally achieved awareness, that it all depends on me and that each opportunity can be a materialized reality. We only have to think and act in a way, which will lead us on the road to its implementation. The most valuable resources we have are our time and health, and our Body is the instrument, through which we use them, to crate the world we live in. I dedicated my life to share myself, the wisdom and experience, which had left after the mistakes I had done. I am doing this in order to help people find their way, which will let them “’reinvent”’ themselves, to restore their health, confidence and trust for life. I wish they could realize their own potential. Training is rehearsal for the life itself; this is the place, where on a few square meters in the IFS you can experience each of the possible sensations- triumph, fall, disappointment, hope, will, weakness, and most of all power. The place, where in “monitoring conditions”” you can remind your body how to move correctly, how to work in your interest. Everything I have tried to achieve through IFS and the trainings is to help people bring back their consciousness, health and freedom to be who they are-without doubting. I have given myself time to re-build and to re-invent myself! Give yourself time as well. Come and train with us in IFS!