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Women lift weights!

In my Internet Marketing class we had an assignment to use Google Analytics and make an analysis of our websites or blogs. So I did that for my blog, and sometimes I check the stats and the other indecies. What captured my attention were some of the most used keywords that led to my blog and they all contained “fat” or “skinny fat”.

Nothing new, right? It seems like appearance is everything that matters nowadays! It is amazing how many women consider themselves fat and not attractive. Most of them spend hundreds of dollars some even larger amounts for trainers, weightloss programs and even medical interventions. Always with the thought of achieving the body they want…or most likely the body that is accepted in their society.

I recently read a couple articles on the topic, about the body looks, what is accepted, and what is considered beautiful. One of the articles even contained the results from a pole. The results were as follows:

 The majority of women don’t like the look of muscle on themselves or others.
The majority of women think that men prefer the look of a lack of muscle on a woman’s body.
The majority felt that Jessica Biel and Hilary Swank (in MDB) define “bulky.”
The majority of the women expressed little interest in lifting weight, even if it didn’t result in a “bulking” effect.
A large majority of women would rather be too thin than either too fat or too muscular.
More women choose to be fat over muscular.
Based on the actress looks, women prefer softer and trim over too lean or too muscular.


These are considered BULKY!

These are considered not bulky

See the results? I see nothing “bulky” and unattractice with the women that were considered “bulky”. I think that Hilary Swank had a pretty nice body in the movie a Million Dollar Baby.

It is so sad to see beautiful women that accept the missleading information as their own oppinion and lifestyle. It is right about time for everybody to understand that women can not get as muscular as the bodybuilders for example,unless they take steroids or some other medications. Women just do not have the amount of testosterone that is needed for that goal. Besides if it was that easy growing muscles every man on Earth would have them. I know guys that have spent years in the gym, practicing pretty hard and they never get those muscles…and women are afraid that just by stepping in the weightlifting room, the muscles will start popping up, and tearing their sleeves!No way that is happening! I myself deadlift 198pounds, squat with 154pounds and so on…and what has happened with my body since I started doing that is that it got firmer and smaller. I lost a lot of fat, and now I have defined muscles. But I do not consider myself bulky. I like myself a lot better now, then when I was SKINNY FAT!

A lot of girls come to my workouts and when they see the barbell or the kettlebell, they get scared and start warning me that they do not wanna get big. Right in this moment I wish that the person who started the rumor with women getting bulky from lifting weights, was sitting right next to me and I could twist his neck! 😉 Just kidding…but it really pisses me off so I will try to sum it up why weights won’t make you unattractive, masculine and big:

1.Women DO NOT have as much testosterone as man, thus they can’t become too muscular! In fact women have about 20 times less testosterone than men!

2.It is not muscles which make you look bulky, it is the fat on top of them!-If you have that friend, who claims she tried working out with weights but she got bulky, I assure you she is wrong. Actually what probably happened is, she was a little chubby, she started working out and the fat she had on top of her muscles made her look big. So don’t stay away from the barbell! Go ahead and lift heavy, keep your diet in track and you will have a killing body!

3.When you hear lift heavy, the image of a chemically-altered women on the covers of bodybuilding magazines pops in your mind immediately. Well, truth is these girls did not become that way naturally. There is some chemicals, steroids and etc. involved! So if you are not planning to add a handful of “magic” pills to your nutrition, you don’t have anything to worry about!

4.Heavy weights promote strength but not size! I workout with heavy weights and up to 5 reps a set and the only thing that happened to me is that I got stronger, leaner and better looking. Actually the typical exercise routine that you will be given by your instructor is more likely to make you bigger, than lifting heavy. That happens because high volume work, leads to muscle growth. So the conventional workout including endless repetitions could make you bigger. What happens when you lift heavy-when you work with loads heavier than 85% of your max rep, the stress that you impose on the body is not on your muscles but on your nervous system and thus you will only get stronger and firmer but not bigger!

She lifts weights! What about you?

5.Women need to lift weights– you know how women, especially when we get older, start having problems with the bones(osteoporosis). Most of you will go to the doctor and they will give you calcium. But will it be enough? No! Why? Because the body needs magnesium and other nutrients to assimilate calcium into your bones and my favorite part- it also needs strength training to retain calcium. Actually I read about a study where the researchers divided women in two groups. One group workout with weights and the other did not use weights in the workouts. After one year, it turned out that the women doing strength training increased their bone density with 1%, while the other group decreased their bone density with 1,8-2,5 %!

So give it a try! I promise you will love it!
For reading the whole articles I was talking about, click on the links below:
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