16 Dec 2011

Megan Bernard- the woman that changed thousands lives

Today I want you to meet Megan Bernard. She is the creator of the facebook page “Women of Crossfit=Strong”. There are people you’ve never met, people you will  probably never meet, but sometimes exactly they are people that change your life! See how Megan managed to change thousands of women’s lives, by suggesting them a […]

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15 Dec 2011

The Four Stages Every Good Workout Needs

I often notice how the “rules” that play a role in life, are the rules in the world of Marketing. When I read some of my books for the University, I find another relation- the similarities between Marketing and workouts. It seems that “the rules” are all the same for every aspect of our lives, […]

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05 Nov 2011

A Couple Things You Should See Before You Start Working Out!

You could go to the gym and do endless cardio…                                                   …and end up looking like this             Or you could take one of those things below-called weights….   And end uplooking like her …     You could keep eating like a 10 year old anorexic… Or you could enjoy eating enough…   […]

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