03 May 2012

Scale! Scale! Scale! Your Worst Advisor!

It’s morning. It is hot outside. You open your wardrobe and reach to take your summer clothes, but suddenly you feel like you forgot something- to weigh yourself on the scale. Did you forget that the scale, THIS OBJECT is your best friend and best advisor about the way you look? The scale is the […]

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02 Apr 2012

The Loser in the Gym… the Hero in Life!

Don’t judge… You have no idea… You don’t know anything… You see a person struggling to squat with 50kg, struggling to run a lap, struggling to jump, lunge or climb. You think it is lack of motivation… Lack of will… Lack of strength… Lack of conditioning… Lack of effort…  But you don’t know anything! You […]

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07 Feb 2012

What Does The Scale Tell You About Yourself?

I am a member of the facebook group “Eat Clean (no crap!). Train Smart. Stay Awesome. Forever.” , created by Eileen Schreiber. A couple days ago somebody posted something about a challenge called “I’m too awesome to weigh myself this month”. That made me think about myself and the scale. I haven’t  stepped on a […]

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