20 Dec 2016

Is Fatigue A Good Sign of High Intensity Training?

Прекрасната Ралица Гаджева

The way we perceive a certain thing, does not always correspond to what is actually taking place in reality. This is true for working out and the way we perceive different types of training. For the past couple months, I’ve been tracking my pulse during workouts where I lift weights; different reps or sets number; […]

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24 Jan 2016

Vitamin N – The Most Important Vitamin for Health and Weight Loss

vitamin N2

Have you ever thought what is actually our body? I imagine it as a microcosmos. As a small version of the Universe – the one we live in. I imagine the body as a small prototype of something much bigger. Isn’t it wonderful? To realize that everyone of us settles down with the whole Universe […]

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26 Oct 2015

15 Things That You Should Know By Now

Inspired Fit Strong, © 2015 http://stoyanatanasov.com/

  1.The biggest success is health – taking care of our body – from the inside and out. 2.Every extreme is just as bad as its polarity. It is not good to be inactive, but neither it is if you overdo it with activity – the former forces the body to degenerate and the latter […]

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