09 Nov 2016

Pandiculation or What You Do Not Know About Stretching


The fitness industry is built on the basis of controversy – part of the community religiously backs up one theory and the other part are raving fans of the exact opposite one. No matter if we are talking about fats and carbs, training with weights or without weights, the positives or the negatives of stretching. […]

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05 Apr 2012

Why Do You Have Knee Pain and How to Fix It!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Even if you are not a doctor it is important to have some knowledge about your body and understand the way it functions. That will make it easier to prevent an injury or find out what is the reason behind the pain you are feeling. […]

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15 Dec 2011

The Four Stages Every Good Workout Needs

I often notice how the “rules” that play a role in life, are the rules in the world of Marketing. When I read some of my books for the University, I find another relation- the similarities between Marketing and workouts. It seems that “the rules” are all the same for every aspect of our lives, […]

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30 Nov 2011

The missing link- what do you forget in the gym?

There is a lot written about different workout methods and routines, but there is one important thing that usually stays in the shade- stretching! Most of us know the importance of stretching, but we rarely take the time to do it! Today I am gonna focus specifically on post work out stretching. How often do […]

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