24 Nov 2014

IFS Podcast #2: Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

It’s Ines Subashka from InspiredFitStrong.com. Today I have a really interesting guest. Her name is Katy Bowman (from Aligned and Well) and she is pretty much a wealth of knowledge. I just finished reading her last book “Move Your DNA” which is a must read. Katy has written two more books, Aligment Matters and Every Woman’s Guide to Foot […]

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04 Apr 2013

Q&A: Everything about High Carb Days, Shoulder Pain and Eating After 6p.m.

Thank you once again for all the wonderful messages that you sent me the past week. You should know that taking the time to write me a message, sometimes means the world to me and even if you think that it is not a big deal…trust me it is! This week I decided to answer […]

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