03 Sep 2012

Do You Care What Other People Think About You? Here Is What I'd Think of You, When We Meet!

Daily I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of different people, who are really motivated to change their lifestyle and improve the quality of their life! Besides the experience I get, when it comes to workouts and nutrition, I am constantly analyzing people’s behavior. The human mind is something that has always been an […]

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20 Feb 2012

Do You Want to Be Fit? Here Is How I Can Help You Achieve It!

I can’t make you lean! The only thing I can do is give you the nutrition tips. But it is all up to you! It is up to you, if you can show some will and discipline and eat the food that fuels your body, not your emotions! I can’t make you strong! The only […]

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16 Jan 2012

When Was The Last Time You Did Some Of These Things For Yourself?

When was the last time somebody told you they loved, because of who you are? When was the last time somebody, told you, you were sexy and attractive, no matter if you wear size zero or size 10? When was the last time somebody appreciated what you have achieved? When was the last time somebody, […]

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24 Nov 2011

Feel fat? Let's find out why!

A couple weeks ago I wrote the article “You are more than a number”, when a reader wrote me, accusing me that I am encouraging women to stay obese. Tell you the truth I am far from the idea of convincing somebody to be fat or obese. Actually I am more about balance and being […]

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